The student approach: How to waste an entire day

It’s dissertation time, with the deadline looming over my head like a Darlek attack. This post is going to make me look completely unprofessional and lazy but you know what? Unfortunately today has been like that. But hear me out… I’m hoping if I type out exactly what I haven’t done then I’ll feel even more guilty and then tomorrow or later on tonight (who goes to bed before 3am anyway) I will be in the zone and do some work cause I feel awful about not doing anything productive today. I feel I should justify that I am a hard-working student but you know one of those day where you just need everyone to stop freaking banging on about this deadline and that coursework - that was today. I promise the next 20 days will be hell on Earth and I will not have another day like this in over a month. Okay now that you hopefully somewhat feel a tad-slight-bit sorry for me, lets share what I have been wasting my time on today!

Anybody a fan of The Lion King? If you aren’t (you are a bogey!) then still watch this! A lot of weird things happen when I’m commuting but unfortunately nothing like this. Note to all commuters in the future if you sing #TheCircleofLife like this I will become your best friend. The kid at the end missed out on being a human reincarnation of Simba. Sigh. For those of you moaning about the bored looking commuters, shut up just because no-one is twerking doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome that these people perform with such charisma! ‘Nuff said.

My friend sent  me this video earlier and I’ve shown it to all my family, it brings back so many memories of Hindi movies I’ve watched when I was younger! I was surprised how much I remembered! This video (if not already) is going to go insanely viral – or at least it should. A break down of Bollywood song from old to new. These guys are awesomely talented. Fact.

I don’t think it’s a waste of time to watch YouTube videos, I have loved watching these but I guess there’s a time and place and the time and place isn’t 20 days before dissertation deadline. Noted. Over and out.

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UNICEF Tap Project: Help give clean water

Although UNICEF Tap project has been going on for a while I’ve only recently discovered it, however it ENDS on the *31st March.

UNICEF is asking people put away their smartphones for 10 minutes which in turn will fun a DAY of water for children in need around the world. For every 10 minutes you don’t touch your phone one of UNICEF’s Sponsor: Giorgio Armani will fund one day of clean water for a child in need. Simples.

Obviously the longer you put away your phone, more water is funded by the sponsor. You could get the people from your school/college/university to contribute whilst you all sit in a lecture see who lasts the longest! Or if you work in an office you could encourage your colleagues to join in, the more the merrier!

This is such an easy and amazing way to use social media (or to not – put your phone away!) and contribute to the society, the world we are apart of. For more information please visit the UNICEF website here.

To contribute to this project, go to the browser on your phone and search: then follow the instructions. I will post my longest time on my Intagram later today! Tweet me (@helloiammariam) your time using #TapProject lets goooo!

*Sponsor will stop funding after the 31st March

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Mid-week Roundup #1

Over the week during my procrastination when I’m supposed to be studying I do find videos, read blog posts, see pictures that I want to capture and share with you all! So my Mid-week Roundup posts will share all of the things that distract me! Cause sharin’ is caring guys! 

1. Linda honey, listen I want cupcakes! - I don’t know many 3-year olds who refer to their Mother by name but this little boy certainly is very comfortable doing so. This YouTube video went viral earlier this month, like most videos that go viral it’s mostly if not completely useless but very entertaining. I’ve never in my life seen someone argue so passionately for a cupcake!

2. Favourite blog this week: By far, my favourite blog of the month has to be Estée. Everything on her blog is always fresh, she blogs regularly, shares videos on her YouTube and also Vlogs. If you follow Beauty bloggers you will see that sometimes they post very similar things, I don’t think this blog does that. It offers a fresh way to see beauty products and I love Estée personality. The girl is hilarious! 

3. Favourite store: I know how random! I’m actually in love with a store called HomeSense. HomeSense stores are owned by TKMaxx selling unique individual items and really fair prices! I wish I had a store closer to where I live but I don’t! Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise I’d be bankrupt from all the awesome stuff in there!

4. My First Tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 20.21.12

…I’m such a geek, I know, I know. Actually I’ll have you know it is quite weird sending emails to anyone who you don’t know especially formal emails! But I’m getting better you just have to be, well, formal. Ha! In celebration of Twitter’s 8th birthday, you can find out your First Tweet too!

Also this past week I’ve posted about the #nomakeupselfie for Cancer Research UK and the #selfiesteem selfie  competition frenzy run by The Body Shop UK for Teenage Cancer Trust, My trip to Edinburgh pictures and the WREN viral “FIRST KISS” video! - check them out if you want!

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The Body Shop #SELFIESTEEM campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust

Hello the loves of my life erm… okay maybe we aren’t that close …this is awkward. Anyhoooo… I wanted to make you all aware of a really great competition and campaign that The Body Shop UK is running in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. You’ll be happy to know that unlike the #nomakeupselfie you don’t have to spend a penny! (Unless you want to donate to TCT then click here!).

The Body Shop will donate £1 to Teenage Cancer Trust all you have to do is post a feel-good, smiley, happy, #selfie tag it @TheBodyShopUK / #SELFIESTEEM and post it on Twitter or Instagram. Easy peasy!

The prizes (YES! more than one) for one lucky winner are:

1. £250 Gift Card for

2. Signed merchandise

3. £250 Pamper Hamper from The Body Shop

You could win awesome prizes and you’ll be helping teenagers who suffer from cancer. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful! Good deed for the day, CHECK! For further details on the competition check out the post on the The Body Shop blog here.

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Cancer Research: My #nomakeupselfie

I look like the Wicked Witch of the West in this artistic piece of work created by moi, glad I didn’t ever fancy myself as an artist. However, I wanted to show my support for the  #nomakeupselfie which has raised £2millionfor Cancer Research so far. As humans of course there are those few who don’t agree with seeing stripped bare-faced women on there newsfeed/timelines. This isn’t a Cancer Research campaign and I know somewhere out there, there are people who will put forward the argument: ‘Well how is a selfie making people aware of Cancer.‘ 

My theory; if it is raising awareness (which it is -sorta!) and it’s raising money (which it obviously is) then just deal with the rise in selfies and let the likes and comments such as ‘oh you look so pwetty bbz’ roll over and move along swiftly. Some men have taken it upon themselves to get involved by posting pictures of themselves with make up! In a society that is obsessed with superficiality – it’s humbling to see good people contributing even the narcissist in our society are contributing and getting their fix. People who care, care. People who don’t, don’t. But if #nomakeupselfie means there is twice as many donations even if only half the contributors actually understand the seriousness of cancer then I’m not going to knock it.

#Nomakeupselfie has been spread widely because of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Many people have their reservations about these platforms but I believe over the years they have somewhat morally contributed to our society.

So whether you want to visit the Cancer Research website to donate or donate via text by writing ‘BEAT’ and sending it to 70007 (UK residents) accompanied by a selfie! If you pay Tax make sure to Gift Aid your donation!

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My trip to Edinburgh!

A few weeks ago now, I got away from all the pressures of being a final year and went on a little, small get away (with Uni – what!? It was cheap!) to Scotland, Edinburgh. A gentle reminder to all who don’t like confined spaces, no matter how cheap it is don’t bother with going on cramped coach. Book in advance, train fair is about the same as coach return tickets and more comfy, I dare say! Also a shoutout to Cross Country Trains for the lovely staff who despite the cramped train still managed to bring around the coffee cart thing or what I like to call the transferable IV coffee cart that hooks me up with caffeine! 

Anyway I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

photo 1 (2)

photo 1 (3)

photo 1

photo 2 (1)

photo 2

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (2)

photo 4

In the middle of Britain’s ‘Winter’ season the weather was beyond beautiful it was windy but that was forgivable.  I didn’t want to take too many pictures because I wanted to actually ‘live in the moment’ and anyway I was too mesmerised by the beauty of it all. I definitely went for too short a-time but one day, I will return and then I will conquer Arthur’s Seat, I will!

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WREN presents “First Kiss”… maybe not?

I’m currently on placement at a PR company. I was introduced to the “FIRST KISS” video by one of my friends. If you haven’t watched it yet then you possibly might want to. I’m not really a soppy lovey-dovey kind of girl but this was sweet, real (how ironic) and mesmerising. In short: there are 20 strangers and they kiss for the first time *everyone say awwww* 

My favourite part is when the girl asks the guy what his name is after kissing him! *hehehe*

So… I was more than a little distraught (I joke, I joke) when I found out it was apart of the WREN clothing campaign. Although I do think the director Tatia Pilieva deserves recognition for her authentic, simplistic, stripped back pure creativity. Although it was made clear in the opening slides that this video was by WREN for WREN, I like many others completely missed that.

This video is the latest viral sensation with more than 62million views thus far and 20million in the first 24hours! The power of social media has thus been demonstrated again.

Although a viral sensation with Tweets, Facebook shares, Tumblr reblogs, Pinterest hall of fame, Reddit success and YouTube madness, I, like many more before me will agree that many viewers won’t associate the video to WREN clothing, which means an overall fail for company recognition.

Back to the drawing board everybody. However as far as PR mishaps go, I like this one!

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