All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

All The Bright Placs by Jennifer NivenAll The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – has been compared to The Fault in our Stars by many people. But it is not. This book shows how resilient and fragile teenagers are. A book that seriously addresses: suicide, bipolar and depression. Every page your turn in this book could be a moment of someone’s real life and that is never forgotten throughout. If you are used to Disney endings this is not a book for you. 

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Graduate firsts: this job thing

31I have finally done it, my employment status is no longer ‘unemployed graduate, doing voluntary roles,’ it has been updated to: digital editorial assistant. I filled out application 1,004, got an interview and the rest is history. I make it sound easy… it was not. But I have published many posts on graduates looking for jobs. This post marks a new wave of posts coming your way: the graduate experience in the workplace.

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Novels I’ve Reviewed Already…

Novels I've Reviewed AlreadyThis year my goal is certainly to read many book – more than 50 at least. However that is a post for another day. I wanted to take a look back at all the book that I have reviewed on the blog. Some I still love just as much but others I’ve come to doubt my own opinion and I’m not so wooed by then anymore. Time changes preference, so lets take a look.

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Eleanor And Park – Book Review

Eleanor And Park

Eleanor And Park has been and is still one of the most anticipated reads in the YA world and beyond. I am unsure of what made this book so appealing to everyone else. However, I would praise the authors presentation of her characters. The characterisation in this novel is beyond anything I have read. I would go as far to say that this novel and the characters it represents are better than The Fault in our Stars. Yes – that good.

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Beyonce’s lyrics and romance

Beyonce feminismMatrimony itself has only been a concern of Beyoncé’s music in recent years, especially since her marriage to Jay-Z. Prior to this, romantic afflictions still pervaded her music. Her first solo single, ‘Crazy in Love’ details the singer’s obsession with a male lover, leading her to act uncharacteristically. Both “Baby Boy” and ‘Naughty Girl’ contain similar lyrics and messages. In fact, the first solo album is named ‘Dangerously in Love.’

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