2015 Resolutions: A New Beginning

New Years resolutions
This year is going to big. I know it. The beginning of this year presents me with many options because for once I don’t have exams in January, I don’t have any coursework – basically I’m not in education. I have a job for financial purposes and I’m on the hunt for a graduate job and enjoying the freedom of life. Before the full-time job days and the responsibilities why not enjoy the freedom!


2015 is going to be an action filled year for blogging. I really want to move forward with self-hosting, but the most important part of blogging is to create interest content and keep you lot engaged. Making such changes will mean I have to dedicate more time to behind-the-scenes. However I see this as a plus, dividing my time will mean moving forward with my blog style and still creating quality content.


I have been long since encouraged to practice a happier lifestyle and I believe being grateful for what I have will encourage this. A positive mind will lead to more opportunities. I’ve long since let opportunities pass by because I’ve been afraid to say ‘yes’ but this year I will do my hardest to say yes to things, even if they are slightly out of my comfort zone. One day at a time though!

Writing My Book – The First Draft

I don’t want my dream of writing and publishing a book to be just that, a dream. I want to create a routine to write even if nothing-makes-sense I will try my best to write every other day. Writing has always been calming for me and I am looking forward to getting back into the groove of things.

Read 50 Books

Although I did read quite a lot last year, not all was for pleasure. It can become very stressful when you have to read for learning (like I did at University) but this year I can read what I want! And I want to read the many books I have on my shelf which I have not yet touched! I will try to review as many as possible but it is not always possible to review every book!

Graduate Job

Though I am currently struggling on this front, but with a positive-ish mind I will tread forward and see what the world has in store. I have decided one has to be slightly more demanding in terms of what they want from life. Especially in the working world. Blogging has been a great experience for me, I have learnt much in my journey and it has helped me when applying for grad jobs and during interviews. Employers like the idea of someone independently managing their own blog.

Visit A New Place

I want to travel this year – be it in England or to another country I have already made a list of the 4 Place I Really Want To Visit and I intend on making at least one of those happening! I guess I will be working hard and saving the pennies this year!

Learn To Drive

Even though I have no intention of buying a car in the near future. This is one of those skills you just need to get. A lot of employers ask whether you have a driving licence, it is a key skill and comes in use to have. You don’t need to drive straight after you pass, but knowing how to is valuable. So passing my driving is on the list for this year.