3 Places I Really Want To Visit

IndiaIf I’m honest other than rare family holidays where I’ve either travelled to Sweden, Pakistan or Northern Ireland and my small get-away at the beginning of this year to Scotland I haven’t really been anywhere on my own.

Just me, not visiting family, going to see a new place, a new culture, the whole holiday vibe isn’t really present when I go away with the family. However this past year I’ve been thinking about places I would love to travel to and explore and I’ve finally knitted it down to four top places.

new york new york1New York 
Since I was a young teen I’ve always had a fascination to go to New York. I’ve definitely been influenced by the whole New York vibe. However I would love to visit New York around New Years time. Spending New Years in NY would be a dream. Just the sha-bang and the whole la-di-da scene that is made over New Years with the ball dropping, the crowds, entertainment and countdown make me want to visit NY on New Years! A fantastic way to start a New Year!

India india

I’m sure my desire to visit India has gently built itself up through many year of my childhood and now as an adult watching Hindi movies. The movie that has influenced me the most to visit India isn’t regarded as great but it is my favorite movie and its called Yeh Jeewani He Deewani. I love the locations this movie is filmed in India and I would love to visit them. The clothes, colours, food make this destination a very high priority place to visit on my list.

Another scenic beautiful place! This has been a recent obsession of mine because of the latest TV series I’m watching Hawaii Five-O. Hawaii is incredibly beautiful however the amount of water based life probably wouldn’t be a winning option for me as I hate swimming and water and fish and also the active volcanoes in Hawaii scare me half to death. Basically if there was no volcanoes and I didn’t have to go near any water I’d love to visit Hawaii! Can’t decide if this is a place I really want to visit still or not?!