4 Ways To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

After the first week hype of the New Year we all start to fall back into old habits which start to creep in and those resolutions …well our determination starts to fade. So think of this post as a reminder, a gentle nudge to get you back to your determined self, the feeling you had on the 1st January 2015 00:01 as the fireworks cracked in the sky, the resolutions and promises you made to yourself aren’t in vain.

Be Clear

It’s all well and great to say you want to lose weight – but making a plan to say you will lose four pounds every month is more realistic and measurable than just putting pen to paper and writing ‘I want to lose weight’. Be clear in what you want to achieve and then when you achieve it you will have no doubt. You will be able to recognise what you have achieved and how you got there.

Keeping a journal of your journey can be quite therapeutic as you will be able to look back on it to see what you have overcome. Also in the future this journal could be something to look at and recognise why your good days were ‘good’ and other days could be improved!

Be Realistic

Be kind to yourself. Setting unrealistic goals will only make you feel worse when you don’t achieve them. Set yourself reasonable goals. Think about what you really want to achieve and ask yourself why these things are important to you. The whole point in setting yourself goals is to make yourself better.

Demanding too much of yourself will most likely work in the opposite direction. When we overburden ourselves we often throw in the towel faster.

Make A Plan

Writing down a resolution isn’t enough. Creating a habit takes times. Hence, unraveling bad or unwanted habits also takes time. Set yourself small goals to reach in the coming months. Like saving pennies to make pounds, little victories will become big ones by the end of the year. Staying determined and having a plan will help you focus on the goal.

Clearly outlining what you want will help you maintain your success and it will feed into your determination.

Keep Motivated

Writing down why you want to achieve your goals may also be a way to keep you from failing. A little tip, why not fill a jar with motivational messages to help you keep going. When you are feeling blue you will be able to read why you are persevering. Staying motivated is hard and everyone can find excuses but keeping on track is the road that will lead you to being a better you, a happier you who has achieved what they wanted. Nothing wanted ever comes easy.

If you are planning to pursue a healthy lifestyle getting a buddy to run with or eat healthy with can be really encouraging! But if you can’t then fear not, telling someone about your goals will keep you motivated and directed towards them or keeping a journal is also a great idea!