5 Apps For Newbie Bloggers

Any pictures I have posted thus far on this blog I’m pretty sure all of them are my own – I take them myself (I’m quite efficient like that) and then use certain apps to mess with the lighting/effects/writing – fancy fonts/weird shapes etc!

Whether you are a newbie or an oldbee the few apps that I have found extremely helpful in my journey have been very kind to me. They make my poopey pictures look alright! Enough with the long-winded intro let’s get down to business…

1. Instagram: Unless you have been living under a rock you will know what this is, from the homeless to celebrities – everyone uses this. The easiest way to share and take pictures and look like you actually know what you are doing. Take a picture add a filter – feel like a pro (you gotta start somewhere ey?). This can be downloaded from the App store and I’m sure there is an Android version too!

2.A Beautiful Mess: This app has only recently hit the app market and if you follow any Beauty bloggers on Instagram you will be very aware of it! It has been developed by the folks over at abeautifulmess.com and it’s amazingly simple to use. If you want to add funky fonts, borders or shapes to your pictures it’s the app for you! Since the app is only just a baby they are improving and updating it as we speak, currently not available on Android phones but they have signed a deal with them and it should be available on those phones later this Summer. iPhone/Apple users its ready for you to use and experiment, for extra features you do have to pay a little here and there but I think it’s really worth it. Definitely check it out!

3.Diptic/Picstitch: These basically do the same thing even if they are two different apps (I’m not cheating!). Using this app you can create a collage of pictures from merging two pictures to twelve it’s really fun and quirky way of sharing lots of pictures in one. In my opinion it looks really cool too! I’m fairly sure both are available on Android and Apple products.

4. Picfx: With over hundreds of effects, textures, frames and lighting features this is a great app to use. I think it can be slightly daunting because of how much this app actually offers and I’m guilty of not using it as often as I can but I will be making a conscious effort to use it more now!

5. Bloglovin’: Using social media in combination with blogging is important as I’ve said in my previous post 5 blogging tips for dummies & newbies. This app is great for keeping up with your fave bloggers on the go, all in one place. It keeps me in the loop with what the latest is!

A lot of people can be put off buying apps because they cost something, but it’s such a small investment! Especially if you’re a newbie blogger, these apps are a great starting point instead of buying a camera that’s really expensive straight off. I hope ya’ll find this helpful, let me know if you have any other apps that you use for blogging!