5 blogging tips for dummies & newbies

I’d just like to clarify the dummy would be me, ya’ll would be the newbies… well I hope. It’s all banter, no pants in a twist peh-lease. As I write this very sexy post at five am on Sunday morning, I feel more self-reflecting than normal. Why five am you ask? Well this leads straight into my first point…

1. Make a rota for when you will post (how often and even what time) and stick to it – mine is to post once a day @ 9am on zee dot! See when you go to work/school each day you are there for a certain time (if you’re punctual that is). This really helps keep a regular audience, folks know when to expect a blog post. Posting regularly doesn’t mean material should be low quality either, and it doesn’t mean you have to post everyday. I try to post everyday (minus my slight hiatus of illness, even then I work behind the scenes) but if that isn’t possible, three times a week would be more than enough. Also planning your posts ahead are a great idea too – this doesn’t mean you can’t have a spur of the moment post e.g. like this one!

2. Have a voice: it’s all good and well writing reviews, being generic and repeating what some other blogger/YouTuber has said about the product you are discussing but you need to have your own niche. This will sound strange but I blog pretty much like I talk, easily distracted by my own conversation (brackets usually represent other thoughts) a million thoughts a minute in my mind to be honest. A few people have told me I write comically, I don’t believe this is my intention but sometimes when I read things back I think I sound like an absolute lunatic (I guess that can be comical). I just like to be enthusiastic. It takes a while to develop a voice, so just work at it, one day you’ll just realise it all clicks ya feel? (did I just say that – I’m so down with the kids… I’m only 20, so it’s acceptable for me to say that).

3.Get involved and comment on other bloggers posts, see what they produce (by no mean copy it). Social Media is a GREAT tool and we should all take great advantage of that. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogovin’ etc are all platforms which can help your website/blog excel. Again appreciate what others create – no nasty awful comments peh-lease.

4. Take your own pictures. I don’t know why but I have this thing with generic pictures from Google. I’m not saying you are never ever allowed to take pictures from the internet but taking your own pictures develops another skill (something to add to your CV) plus it personalises YOUR blog. There are loads of apps (App post here – shameless self publicity not recommended) these days that you can use and for any start-up blogger taking pictures on a smart phone is a good starting point!

5. Finally, I would say this is the most important point. ENJOY what you do. If you aren’t enjoying your posts then maybe you aren’t blogging about what you want to be. It takes time but blogging should never be a chore. For Christ’s sake I’m awake at five am writing this (whilst I’m very ill) and I ‘m still loving this – does that make me sound lame? (I’m cool yo). Be proud of your work too, tell people about your blog/website.

I think I will stop now the medicine is kicking in and my uncool meter is off the radar (I’m so cool it’s not even measurable – oh shut up Mariam). I do not consider myself an expert on blogging but I’ve been doing it a while and I enjoy it. I’m just sharing these tips because I thought ya’ll might find it helpful – if you want to share your own tips with me feel free! Thank you for reading and viewing it really is appreciated.

  • Great tips! I would also suggest adding the occasional video or video YouTube link to a blog now and then. It can help attract an audience.

    • Definitely! I’m so glad you mentioned this! All social media platforms should somehow be merged into a blog!

  • Sam

    Good tips. I wish that more new (and old) bloggers learned how to properly promote themselves. I hate hate hate when I’m on someone’s blog or someone comments on my blog saying, “Nice. 🙂 I hope you come checkout my blog!” Seriously? Blogging is supposed to be about making relationships, not just shameless self promotion. Sigh.

    • Preach it! Haha, I have another post (possibly/maybe) coming up about this but I totally see what you mean. The blogs I follow I know when they blog, what they’ve blogged and tweeted the past week …I tend to stalk the blogs I follow actually. Is stalk a strong word? (I’m a dedicated supporter of blogs I like – that sounds better!!) Anyway yeah, networking the key to success! Thank you for reading my post! 🙂

  • Some great insights Mariam! I totally agree that enjoying blogging is the most important thing.

    I am not so much of a writer but the part that I enjoy most about blogging is the photography portion. New found respect for bloggers with well taken pictures! Haha!


    • Taking pictures is possibly the most difficult part for me because the writing part seems to just come naturally to me. Thank you for commenting! Appreciate it!

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  • This really answered my drawback, thanks!