5 Things I don’t care for

Not my usual kinda post now is it? Usually I go for a little bit of sarcasm here and there but I express myself in a somewhat acceptable way (sorta). See we are all happy with blindly abiding to the lines that have been drawn out clearly, our mannerisms, behaviour, opinions (as much as they are our own) are very much crafted and conformist of the people and society around us.

We are all basically sheep – some more than others I’d say. But it’s good to think outside the box sometimes, to break a few rules (not illegal ones) just live a little ey? I’m definitely stepping up to the table today as I’m going to share a little dose of the things we all don’t care about/for, but won’t voice for fear of being called out.

1. I  very much don’t care for people who go to work and have careers/jobs and moan about them. Dear Jesus, I have no patience for those people. I don’t care how many hours in a day/week/month you did or how early you got up I simply refuse to empathise with you because you are being paid. If it’s not paid you have an agenda and want experience for something in the future. Everything and everyone has an agenda. It’s simple really: work hard, succeed  Don’t well you know. Less complaining and more working (please and thank you very much).

2. Sales assistants – not all of them but a large majority are the rudest people ever. Sometimes I’ll brave it and decide to go near on of the concession stands (BIG mistake) because within the next 0.01 seconds I’ll have a lady breathing down my neck or she’ll just give me evils and weigh me up to see if I’m worth the effort of bothering to make me a sale too. I’m sure all of you have at some point experiences this: asking a questioning and getting little if only one word answers in reply. Isn’t it fantastic to walk into a shop and all you see is sales assistant applying the products they are supposed to be selling you whilst nattering on about the latest Eastenders episode. What I really don’t understand is the question they ask: ‘Can I help you?’ …how do I begin to answer that?! Ya’ll should try asking for samples, it’s all a different ball game then (I advise you wear protective gear).

3. I don’t know if this is a British things but you know those badmans who blast out their badman style music at the back of the bus. I’m just sitting there, wishing the journey to be quicker, the traffic jam shorter and then all you can hear is bumda bumda bumda bum bum da bum – well that’s what it sounds like to me. I appreciate the fact that they want to share the music with the rest of the trapped individuals on the bus but I don’t want to listen to your music so just get some darn headphones will ya please? I’m sure Poundland have pound headphones.

4. Reality TV shows. How do people even watch Jersey Shore and Made in Chelsea. Half the time I want to shake the people on the show for being so pretentious. I mean really, what do reality TV shows, show to our younger generation? Drink, have sex and bitch unlimited amounts and you’ll end up on TV? 16 & Pregnant …need I say more? Honey, you shouldn’t be on a TV show. Mixed messages anyone?

5. People who update their Facebook like a running commentary and use it as a diary to vent all their emotions about someone but not actually tagging someone just insinuating something about them. Really if you have that much time start a blog or write a poem it’s a much more endearing form of expressing yourself. Thank God Facebook has developed a feature where you can just cut out certain people’s status updates. Tbh, I’m not a huge Facebook fan, it keeps changing its privacy features and pestering me to add where I live, work, breathe – how are the identity theft rates looking? Thanks but no thanks.

I don’t think I’ve said anything that you’ve never thought before and if I have well I’ve educated you in some way, you are most welcome (cheeky!) or as my friend Luke would say, RUDE! Ah well, I feel this post has been rather therapeutic for me.