5 Things To Take Advantage Of In Your Twenties

In your twenties
You are young, healthy-ish (those pot noodles are not helping), fresh-faced, eager and slightly foolish enough to venture into the unknown. Now I’m not recommending we put ourselves in danger – but when you are young, you are foolish and that makes everything a little more fun – being slightly foolish, though slightly mortifying looking back as an adult, is completely awesome as a 20-something year old.

It’s like the new hair cut you got in year 9 and it was all the jazz back then but looking at it now you wonder how concussed you must have been to commit to that side-flick-pirate-eye-patch hairstyle aka foetus Justin Bieber hair.

So if you have been struggling to say ‘yes’ to something you have wanted to do for a long time then this post is for. I have listed 5 reasons why you should love your 20s. You are young, you have your whole life ahead of you and this is why you should say yes.

Few Responsibilities 

You probably don’t have a house, a secure job, loans (other than student fees) to pay, a mortgage or kids to fend for. So it is you, yourself and well…you, against the world. Though you could say this a lonely place to start I say pish posh. I just really wanted to say that. Instead of feeling alone why not look at having few responsibilities or liabilities as a liberty. You have your whole life to have responsibilities and get tied down but now you are free and if you want to go gallivanting around the world you can just pack a bag and leave. No questions asked. The world is your oyster.


It is time to explore the world. I already said it the world is your oyster – there really isn’t enough time to see everywhere so start already. This is one of my biggest missions in life, to see different places in the world. I want to visit one place in each continent.

Because you are travelling with friends, it is okay if the hotel is on cheap, it’s not about luxuries hotels it’s about exploring the world. What more could you want? This is the time to travel I say! 


If you don’t have a job yet, it is ok. This is the time to not have a job, to be unemployed and pursue other aspirations and opportunities. You are only just paving your way to what will eventually be your future. As long as you are doing something to lay down the foundation for your future then you are okay. Finding a job isn’t an overnight thing.

Employers will actually appreciate that you can go off into a foreign country and fend for yourself, it shows independence and great people skills and those are key skills for any job.

Make New Friends

This is important. The friends you had growing up are important, but I feel like being in your 20s is a great time to make new friends. This time you are choosing your friends by your adult preferences, not your teenage ones. You know what kind of friends you want, you have a sharper sense for who people are and this will mean more great people in your life. One should never stop making friends, that would be an unkindness!

The Coffee

You smell that? Coffee? Well wait a few years when you are in a full-time job, have kids, a mortgage, family demands – the coffee will no longer be coffee it will be a lifeline. It won’t just be a beverage, it will be petrol to keep you running through the day. It won’t ordered as a drink to catch up with your friends it will be liquid luck to successfully get you through the zombie-business meeting you are sitting in. Enjoy your coffee in your 20s because the dark days will be here before you know it.