A Look Back At 2014

42The best way to start 2015 isn’t to be looking into the past. However, when you aren’t dredging up bad memories and unsuccessful attempts at life remembering what you have done well is actually good for the soul.

Criticism and praise should have a balance. I’ve come far with blogging this past year so lets take a look at what I’ve been typing up and what you’ve been enjoying!

This year focusing on Feminism has been a huge deal for me, you all seemed to enjoy my post A Conspiracy: Shailene Woodley & The ‘F’ Word because you read it a lot. Going forward into 2015 I will definitely be looking into this theme further! Having guest bloggers Dan and Yasmin on the blog was also a great experience, I loved writing with them and editing posts and look forward to future collaborations.

Experimenting with different post styles has also been fun, the Buzzfeed style post 21 things on being 21 went down a treat as did the usual book reviews The Promise Of A PencilVicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson and Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

Also I would like to mention the University Series posts which I will continue: my favorites being, Shakespeare Is Misunderstood and Things To Appreciate When You Are A Student. I will be continuing with these posts through the coming year, I have a few tricks up my sleeve so watch out!

For 2015 I will be changing things up. I don’t have everything figured out but I know I want to venture out into more lifestyle-like, cooking and travelling posts. I’m looking forward to blogging this year and quality will be the key for all my posts rather than quantity. Watch out!