Book Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant Cover

Yes there were a few tears on my behalf. Yes this review will have spoilers. Yes I think that minus the first half the rest of the book the rest was alright

There are a few things I questioned and now that I have finished the book I can see why Veronica Roth made the choices she did but somehow I feel uneasy with them. After the catastrophe that is Insurgent I half heartedly started reading Allegiant. It has taken me almost a week to finish this final book when it took me days to finish the second novel and hours to finish the first.

Before I started reading this novel I made the rookie mistake to read YouTube comments in which some fool said, Tris dies. Yes she dies. I warned you about spoilers. Though unpredictable, I still think I should have seen it coming especially since Roth suddenly decided to allow Tobias to be a narrator in this final novel. This really threw me off when I started reading Allegiant because throughout the other two novels all we had been presented with was Tris’s perspective. Roth could have made more of an effort to create a distinction between the two narrative voices in Allegiant but I don’t believe that she did. I believe a dual perspective can be insightful when executed well in a novel but I don’t think that Roth really tried. I was constantly flipping back to the beginning of the chapter to see who was being the narrator …Tris and Tobias were written in the same style.

Allegiant picks up where Insurgent was halted. It’s the big reveal we get to see what’s behind the fence and in all honesty its nothing special. Once they reach the base outside the city all the characters are lost and I think that is because the author herself didn’t know what to do.

I think Tris’s death was justifiable. Though I didn’t expect it I knew something big would have to happen because it is a dystopian society and Tris is the main character and when she doesn’t go back to the city with Tobias & crew and she partners up with Caleb her feelings become conflicted and she stands on the brink of understanding the true essence of self-sacrifice. She recognises that self-sacrifice isn’t about being self-destructive and reckless and walking into the Erudite headquarters. It’s about not wanting to die but willing to if it is necessary. Tris wants to protect her loved ones and regardless of her anger at Caleb she sacrifices herself so he doesn’t have to. Whilst talking to David, Tris comes to understand the actions of her parents something that has kept her from building her identity, from overcoming her grief. I think I understand Roth’s killing of Tris from a writing point of view, because it became a necessity for the audience to recognise what Tris has achieved and how she had grown. Tris’s death also finalised that she achieved what she set out to do and I think that Tris’s death is beautifully written. She sees a hallucination of her mother in Allegiant and asks her mother, ‘Am I done yet?’ and her mother says, ‘Yes. My dear child, you’ve done so well.’

For the overall series I feel like there could have been two books instead of three because there was a lot of unnecessary waffling. A lot of people like the first book Divergent the most and I think bookwise it probably is the better written, constructed one of the three. However my favourite scene is definitely from the final book where Tris dies. I wish the book had ended there! I am interested to see what Veronica Roth will come up with after this series and will definitely be keeping an eye out!