Are You Present?

Are you presentThe internet is a big place and every so often I come across something that really makes me think. I guess you could say this post has been buzzing in my mind ever since I watched this video. Although the video talks about ‘being Present’ in terms of Islam – I believe the message is for every one of every, any or no religion.

I believe that a lot of us including myself can or have been or will at some point in our lives will be ‘asleep at the wheel’ of life. The video discusses being present in life, in moments, actions, conversations, relationships etc. I’ve been reading Jessica Says blog recently and its made me feel quite reflective and then this post also helped!

Nowadays having a conversation with someone is very distorted. I appreciate social media, I’m fan of how instant it is. How it allows someone from across the world to connect with someone else. However, through the use of social media; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc we’ve lost touch with our human need for conversation – this isn’t the saddest part though – we’ve also lost the ability to be present.

Checking your phone whilst meeting a friend, being with family, during a meeting, obsessing over something in your mind or worrying that something is not going to work out in the future. These are all things that stop us from being present.

In life, we set goals but often we go into cruise mode. We start to suffer from tunnel-vision-itis. All we see is the end goal, what we want. We forget to actually be present in the moments that lead up to what we want. This can lead to missing out on so many opportunities. Often when we start to become un-happy we realise that we are tiring of the cruise mode we started to live in. Knowing that each day is as important as the day you will reach the end goal, knowing how you get somewhere is very important. Having goals are fantastic, wanting to go somewhere in life is even better but don’t forget that in your journey of trying to get somewhere be present. Don’t think oh at the end when I reach my goal I’ll start living then. Sounds cheesy – but live in every moment.

Being present shows others you care. Recalling a random conversation you had with someone years ago after its happened shows you care. Don’t have conversation to fill silences, be present in those conversations.

When you are present, firmly placed within a moment, in a task you feel a sense of peace and you achieve greater success because you are applying all your efforts in one place. You are focused, determined and collected to perform your best.

  • Very thought provoking posts with some rather interesting and insightful themes! Good job, Mariam – I’m really loving it ^_^