Happily Ever After

I am constantly frustrated by topics concerning the role of women in society – from the stigmas and stereotypes and unequal treatment to the outdated representation in culture or religion. Not only do I have to deal with Western stereotypes of passive or radicalised Muslim women, and Asian cultural stereotypes on a daily basis, I have also had to swallow religious misconceptions, which people have about Muslim women. After watching this iisuperwomanii vlog channel rant I realised I wasn’t the only one who thought about these things.

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Sexual abuse victims should dress modestly – but not Muslim women

The idea of modest dressing and modest clothing has recently come to light in many ways. In the past, few years modest dressing has been associated with Muslim women in the media. Even less surprisingly this term has been purposely misconstrued in the West often aligning modest dressing with oppression of Muslim women. Though, if you ask many Muslim women they would tell you their interpretation of modest dressing doesn’t oppress them. For many of us this is a choice we make for our own bodies and for the most part we are stigmatised for this. We are told we have been indoctrinated by our religion and culture. As a Muslim woman who observes dressing modestly, I dress for myself and am often baffled by the faux concern of others who believe my choice is oppressive. Continue reading “Sexual abuse victims should dress modestly – but not Muslim women”

Amina Lone & Hijab Ban in schools

After watching Amina Lone and Zubaida Haque discuss the hijab ban being implemented in schools on Channel 4, I couldn’t help but pitch in. I absolutely disagree with Amina and believe this entire campaign to create secular schools spaces lacks research and isn’t really about creating secular schools spaces, because simply if it was it wouldn’t be focusing solely on banning hijabs for young muslim girls in schools it would be focusing on all faith representation in schools.

In the interview Amina Lone says that girls as young as 3/4 are “being forced to wear sexual modesty clothing”

1. How many 3/4 years old has she spoken to

2. How many schools has she spoken to

3. How many parents has she spoken to

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January reads

It is a genuine mission of mine to read more this year and already i’ve read or re-read around 10 books this January, this was partly due to a somewhat traumatic coach ride which turned out to be twice as long as the original, there was drugs (obvs not mine) and policemen. It was not fun.

I re-read Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge it’s a powerful, unflinching polemic on race addressing white privilege, white vulnerability, class, gender and structural systems that empower the oppressor. Continue reading “January reads”