Awaiting death

She sat aimlessly waiting for the courage to ascent the upper staircase leading to the garret story of the house. Every night her mind sub consciously dwelled on this vision repeatedly. She sat overlooking the silent lane and the beautiful grounds in front of her. Mesmerised as the warm summer breeze tenderly caressed her pale skin, like a mother kissing her child.

The gentle wind wrapped itself around the girl and the ache in her heart always told her to move but she was paralysed and captivated by the beauty of Mother Nature’s children. The blossoming grounds before her at its peak, filled with flowers of every colour of the rainbow; from burning blood-red, to fire orange and deep velvet plum purples. There was flowers as white as snow as blue as the ocean and as yellow as the taste of the sun.  The colours in the garden blazed out against the bright stars in the sky, the aroma intoxicated her. The lake shone brightly under the sunlight, it glistened like a thousand different kaleidoscope coloured rubies.

Suddenly the dream like setting shifted, twisting and turning. She gripped firmly to her chair. Her knuckles becoming as white as chalk with the intense grip she was applying. Her heart beating hard against her chest like it might explode. The blood in her ears pounded louder than ever. The abrupt shift had caused her to hold her breath. As she slowly sighed outward she acknowledged her surroundings.

The place was dark, darkness that was mute, as the centre of the earth. The balcony swayed weakly under her weight and the house felt deserted. Vacant. The stairs creaked as the cold wind crashed against them like crushing waves at high tide. The warmth of the sun was erased with the icy moon and the frosty wind. The moon sucking the life from everything. Black, spherical shape in the sky sucking away, she felt a pull towards it, was the house moving? She felt warm metallic liquid in her mouth; reaching to brush her lips, warm blood stained them.