Book Review: Insurgent By Veronica Roth


This novel is the second the Divergent series and yes I picked it up straight after I finished Divergent. The book is an amazing five hundred-twenty five pages long and I honestly believe that it would have been at least one hundred-fifty page shorter. If you read my review on Divergent here you would know I commended Veronica Roth on only giving information on a need to know basis.

For some ludicrous reason Roth changes her style in this novel and decides to bombard the reader with information that could have been explained much more succinctly. There are spoilers – you are warned.


Simply put this book is about the Factions and their war, who picks what side. We all find out more about the factions.  Tris and Four’s romance develops, they learn to fight. There is a lot of angst, lying and recklessness.

My opinion

I’m always sceptical about relationships in YA fiction. Especially when there is a female protagonist because for some unknown reason the relationship becomes the key element of the story. I hate that. In Divergent the story demonstrated the struggle Tris went through internally and externally to re-create herself, I feel like Insurgent re-directs her concerns about discovering who she is and a proportion of her decisions are dictated by how in love she is with Four. Although some of the domestics Four and Tris were relevant to the story the rest felt unnecessarily repetitive and so this book fell into the trap of a dystopian romance that actually damages the characters who once stood united but independent and as their own person. Tris’s character is sacrificed and it doesn’t show development. For at least five hundred pages Tris is a dumbass and wants to sacrifice herself for everything. Instead of taking her guilt, pain and angst like Katniss did in The Hunger Games and fighting until the very end she becomes reckless and makes reckless decisions and becomes the ever more traditional damsel in distress, so Four has to come in and save the day. Her angst leads her to become self-pitying and maybe even naive. Let’s just say we see a new side to Tris in Insurgent and it’s called the Bella Swan Angst Syndrome. I shall leave it there I don’t want to talk about Tris as a female character here because as previously mentioned I would like to do a whole separate blog post on that.

I would like to discuss why or how Veronica Roth expects me to believe that after everything Tris goes through and after lying to the supposed love of her life Four that she didn’t want to take part in the attack on Erudite HQ why did she follow Four’s abusive father Marcus into the same building where she was nearly executed in with someone she claims to hate and not trust, who has no proof of the claims he is making because up until this point his secret was too secret to be told to Tris and now she is his ally …I just don’t understand the logic behind this. I think that Veronica Roth overcompensated and overestimated the readers acceptance of Tris’s selflessness and stupidity because after all Veronica Roth was the one who wrote Tris’s character and gave Tris the aptitude for Erudite too. So tell me where was this logic when Tris was making this stupid decision.

Also the way Jeanine Matthews is killed is boring. It’s like Veronica Roth wrote herself into a wall and decided ‘oh wait I’ll kill someone so I drag this secret out into the next book.’ I will tell you who annoyed the flipping day light out of me Tori and her incessant need and blinded rage for her brother and a broken leg still manages to kill the villain of the entire series so far with a simple stab wound. How is that even a climax finish? That is possibly the worst anti-climatic scene I’ve ever read. Of all the things that could have happened to Jeanine Matthews I think Veronica Roth did a great injustice to her character and there is no two ways about it.

Caleb Prior was definitely a plot twist. Well done, Miss. Roth. Never saw this coming even if you had joked about it I wouldn’t have believed this. Caleb Prior a traitor to his own blood. I guess this really does hone the ideal of faction before blood.

In summary, I like that we get to see the development of Tris and Four’s love life but I don’t like that it takes over to an extent. I don’t like a self-pitying, I really want to die Bella Swan mimicking Tris Prior and I feel Roth rushed Jeanine Matthews death. Actually I think Roth got overly trigger happy in Insurgent, she introduces many character who are amazing catalyst who add layers to the story but she kills them off and I understand that it an effective tool to kill a character but it sort of becomes ineffective if left, right and centre everyone is dropping like flies.

Yes I will read the next book, actually I’m currently reading it right now. I am going to do a character analysis for Tris Prior because I find her character interesting but at this moment in time I think Katniss Everdeen is still the best YA female dystopian heroine there is.

Overall: 2.5/5