Book Review: Ketchup Clouds By Annabel Pitcher

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher

We’re just a tiny speck in all this infinity.’ 

I picked this book up a long while ago, in all honesty I believe it was more than year ago! I never got the chance to read but now I feel like I’ve definitely been missing out on something. It’s not the next big thing but it certainly is something.

Although after reading a few reviews they state that this book falls into the YA genre, I would argue that it just falls under although the themes can be considered YA I believe the writing style is too simple at times.


Ketchup Clouds, is a gripping novel full of secrets that follows the protagonist Zoe. The book also explores the themes of love, loss, guilt, family and being in a relationship. Zoe falls for two boys, who she later discovers are brothers and things take a turn for the worse from there. This book is Zoe’s monologue through a series of letters to someone who she believes will understand and that is Stuart Harris, a convicted murderer on Death Row.

My opinion

As stated above I feel the Annabel Pitcher’s writing style falls just short of YA fiction however this didn’t bother me greatly. The story of this novel was gripping and captivating. There is a build up in climax, a reveal that is although anticipated it still is worth reading. I love the way in which this novel is presented, Stuart Harris, Zoe’s confidante mimics an eternal teenage struggle that has been felt by many. The struggle to be heard and to have a voice. Through Zoe’s letter she is listened to and heard and in a small way I believe she finds closure. The way the story is told makes you feel compassionate towards Zoe and her emotional turmoil not pity, she faces up to her actions and to life and understands that until she let’s go of some painful memories she can’t move on.

Whilst reading I felt constantly on the edge of my seat and I think the author explores the themes used in this novel in a very authentic style. I am looking forward to reading another Pitcher novel which also seems to be highly anticipated My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece.