Everything Etsy

Can you tell I’ve become a tad-bit obsessed with jewellery. I love most of the stuff handmade trinkets on Etsy. Would it be a tiny-winey bit unusual if I bought everything in this post. The weird thing is I’m not even a jewellery wear-er, I find that when I wear jewellery I fiddle with it too much and end up losing it!

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Holiday Lovin’

photo 1

After 8 years I went to visit Pakistan – although I’m born and raised here – my Mother wasn’t and it is nice to go back and see our family and where she grew up. This trip was definitely overdue but it certainly didn’t disappoint.

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The Blurt Foundation: Stamp Out Depression

blurt logo

Depression. A word many people shy away from, don’t like to discuss or can’t. A word many hold preconceived negative stigma towards.  The Blurt Foundation are an online community, their mission is to stamp out the stigma… one word at a time. They provide support through their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. They also offered a mentoring scheme for its users, pairing up mentors and users so no-one is ever alone. The Blurt Foundation exists to support, help and inspire people who suffer from depression.

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Public Transport: Commuter Muses

public transportHello I am Mariam and I am a very nice person. I promise! However there are days where I sit on a train or have to endure the painstaking half an hour to hour on buses each day, which can sometime make me want to throw up the food I have consumed that week or throw myself in front of the bus I’m on.

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Happy New Year. Hello 2014. Resolutions.


I am well aware that it is currently the 9th January 2014 (even if I did write down it was the 10th on my exam paper this morning) …I’m escalating. But HELLO. I am back, not that I was gone but I am more here than wherever I was before. Did anyone ever mention final year of University feels like a prolonged labour? …okay maybe not that bad but still.

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