Suffragette & ‘I’d rather be a rebel than a slave’ t-shirt controversy

Graphic of quote.The wave of popularised feminism-has launched itself on the big screen. Meryl Streep interviewed with Time Out London but her accompanying photoshoot made everything else insignificant. She has been criticised for posing in a t-shirt titled ‘I’d rather be a rebel than a slave’ to promote her latest movie Suffragette. The quote can genuinely be interpreted as reference for slavery and the confederacy. The team who authorised this campaign either choose to ignore the backlash this slogan could bring or didn’t care. I am deeply disappointed in Streep, for someone who can read and understand, how did she not use her own intellect in this situation. Originally the line comes from a speech delivered by Mrs Pankhurst in 1913  who was one of the real-life founders of the Women’s Social and Political Union.

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Is marriage and motherhood synonymous with female success?

Marriage and motherhood












Any topics concerning the role of women in society – the stigmas and stereotypes and unequal treatment or outdated representation in culture or religion frustrates me. Not only do I have to deal with Western stereotypes of women on a daily basis I have to swallow religious misconceptions people have about Muslim women and Asian cultural stereotypes. However after watching iisuperwomanii vlog channel rant I realised I wasn’t the only one who thought about these things.

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Beyonce’s lyrics and romance

Beyonce feminismMatrimony itself has only been a concern of Beyoncé’s music in recent years, especially since her marriage to Jay-Z. Prior to this, romantic afflictions still pervaded her music. Her first solo single, ‘Crazy in Love’ details the singer’s obsession with a male lover, leading her to act uncharacteristically. Both “Baby Boy” and ‘Naughty Girl’ contain similar lyrics and messages. In fact, the first solo album is named ‘Dangerously in Love.’

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Beyonce And Her Lyrics

Beyonce feminismThis is not however the first time Beyoncé has conceived of an alternate persona to help her with her music. Sasha Fierce debuted in 2008, claiming to be the artists on stage alter ego whilst performing. She revealed herself to the public in Beyoncé’s subtly named third album, I am… Sasha Fierce (2008).

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Feminism: The Catch Up

FeminismLet’s just address the elephant on the blog… as of late there has certainly been a flood of posts directly about Feminism. Something I’m quite passionate about. If the word scares you I can’t comprehend why so, women asking for equality shouldn’t scare anyone.

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Feminism and Beyonce

Beyonce feminismHailed by husband and renowned rapper Jay-Z as ‘the greatest entertainer of all time’ at the 2014 VMAs, Beyoncé Knowles has become a significant cultural tour de force. Originating as a member of teen group Destiny’s Child during the 1990s, over the past ten years she has become a solo sensation with five bestselling albums.

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Protesting Keira Knightley Style: In The Nude

Keira Knightley, Interview Magazine (2014)

In a recent black and white shoot for Interview magazine, Keira Knightley decided to strip back – literally – and bare it all. So hang on, a really famous, beautiful and successful actress, who is constantly ranked in lists such as: 100 hottest women’s  for men’s magazines with an acceptable body size/shape did a photo shoot without any photoshopping to her body?

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Feminism Trend No. 187788: F-Bomb Princesses


The video in discussion has been taken down. I think that says it all, but if you really want to you can watch it here. Ever wondered what a PG rated Disney show gone extremely wrong would look like, well, something like the F-Bombs for Feminism trainwreck is quite close. I’m all for Gender equality.

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