Theatre Review: Amadeus At The National Theatre


Adam Gillen, left, as Mozart and Lucian Msamati as Salieri in Amadeus at the Olivier. Photograph: Marc Brenner

London is a big place and I most definitely have not explored it all, but one of my absolute favourite areas in London is the Southbank. I love walking next to the water, the London Eye always looks beautiful, there are a million things going on including the book tables and random performers – even the Houses of Parliament looks beautiful from afar. And then there is the beautiful National Theatre that of late, I believe, has been pushing boundaries and allowing its stage to demonstrate the diversity of our nation.

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#FeminismInYA is taking over the world…

I host the #FeminismInYA chat which is exactly what it says on the tin – or in this case what it says in the hashtag. Last week we had our fourth successful chat. I decided to record the amazing discussion, because the ideas and opinions presented during the hour long chat are incredible, thought provoking and inspiring to read. I didn’t want to waste intelligence and let these tweets disappear into Twitter oblivion – so I’ve collated the conversation. I hope you enjoy reading!
*The #FeminismInYA chat is hosted by me, Mariam on Twitter via @helloiammariam. The chat is usually every Tuesday evening from 7.30-8.30pm UK time. Anybody can join is by using that hashtag.

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Graduate firsts: this job thing

31I have finally done it, my employment status is no longer ‘unemployed graduate, doing voluntary roles,’ it has been updated to: digital editorial assistant. I filled out application 1,004, got an interview and the rest is history. I make it sound easy… it was not. But I have published many posts on graduates looking for jobs. This post marks a new wave of posts coming your way: the graduate experience in the workplace.

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