Contemplating A Digital Detox And Podcasts

Podcasts and considering a digital detox It’s time to wrap up and give you all a snapshot of this week’s posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, books and other bits and bobs that have had me clickety clicking online and missing my stop on the morning commute ’cause I’m so engrossed!

The Journal is a new feature on my blog capturing my time online and otherwise.

Podcasts. This past week I’ve started listening to a podcast series called The Lively Show  hosted by Jess. Her interview with Anna Gardner from ViviannaDoesMakeup was great, I really enjoyed her chat with Jessica from livethefancylife. Hearing meaningful conversations is something I really crave, something tweets, Facebook statuses and instagram pictures and I have found this through podcasts!

Estee Lalonde has a 48 hour digital detox. Recently Estee went on a 48 hour digital detox, yep that is correct. No internet, no phone, no wifi, no instagram or twitter, no TV. Zilch. She got her partner to record this and well since then I’ve been thinking, can I take a digital detox? Estee talks about how difficult she found the detox, realising how much she and other people rely on our digital presences. Well Estee, challenge accepted. 

Am I Normal Yet? After attending YAShot and meeting and listening to Holly Bourne talk on a panel I decided I had to read her books. All you need to know for now is that this is a beautiful honest story about a teenage girl who is trying to come to terms with her OCD condition, and be normal at the same time with a Feminist twist.

Catching up on TV and Netflix galore. Since I in get in late I don’t watch much TV. However I’ve made time for The Flash, Arrow and I’ll be starting to watch Supergirl very soon. I have my reservations like, why is the show called Supergirl not Superwoman? However I have been informed by friends that this is explained in the series so I look forward that.

Things I’ve read, Feminism News. An ignorant and misguided piece in the Telegraph about steering young girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Economics, Mathematics) fields titled My daughter shouldn’t have to study science… would love to you know your thoughts on this. Also Malala and Emma Watson sat down to chat and it was interesting and an article that addresses something I’m very passionate about, the phrase Strong Female Characters from way back that is still relevant. I might write something updated and similar soon. With the recent Suffragette movie  released showing the struggles of females in Britain fighting for their rights, this article reports on the Suffragette movement in Saudi Arabia and how women will be allowed to vote for the first time this December in the country’s history but the Feminist movement is still in its premature stage, but should the Western world be intervening? I don’t know the answer and haven’t formed an opinion yet.

Winter is here and so is dull awful skin. To keep my face fully hydrated I’ve taken precautionary steps but kept things interesting using: Lush facial masks Cupcake which deep cleanses and Oatfix which hydrates as well as Quick Fix Mega Moisture Gel and Sanctuary Illuminating Lotion SPF15. My lazy self has so far been enjoying these little skincare treats.