I’m 23 year old. I feel like I need to state my age before I tell you: I’ve never been to the beach. So last weekend I thought, well I’m an adult and I’m allowed to make decisions about my life. So I bought a ticket to Brighton from London and got myself to Kings Cross station to start my journey out of London.

I’ve always been fascinated by the sea and strangely enough having never visited it I still somehow managed to write a creative writing piece at University during my creative writing module, in which I drowned my protagonist. So yeah, that happened. Happy thoughts everyone.

Honestly, I didn’t do much. I spent roughly five hours in Brighton and most of that time was spent sitting infront of the water as the waves crashed around and throwing pebbles into the water and reading. It wasn’t the sunniest day and I most definitely did not not dip a toe in the water because that would be silly as 1) I can’t swim 2) it’s the big sea and scared the hell out of me. I definitely need to go back to Brighton for another trip but I think each time I will just be drawn to the sea, the water felt so consuming and calming all at once.

BrightonI got attacked by a seagull, it completely went for my crepe which I bought on the pier, but don’t worry I saved the crepe (and myself). But an fyi, if you go to Brighton don’t eat on the beach the seagulls are vicious.

Have you been to Brighton before? Where should I go next time?


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  • Zoya

    Wow! You’ve never been to the sea!

    You should definitely go again- I find it so calming especially on a late spring day before the whole summer rush starts invading.

    I love the pictures as well by the way <3