Declutter Your Life

Declutter your lifeThe first weekend of 2015 has already passed us by. Though we all make resolutions at the beginning of the year but keeping to them isn’t quite so simple. We often forget the habits we have developed are influenced by our surroundings. 

Decluttering your surroundings, your life, your home and the rest of your environment will help you keep true and committed to those resolutions. It is time to breathe new air on into your life.

Throw It Away

If there are things you haven’t used this past year, throw them away. If things are cluttered around your home in piles waiting to be sorted. Sort them out. Throw away what is not needed and recycle or donate what you can. 

If you are having trouble letting go of some things then set them aside. Set a reminder on your phone for a months time. If in a month you remember the object before the alarm reminds you then keep it, if not then parting with it won’t be so difficult. 

A Break From Technology

So often do we tie our emotions and daily life into technology we forget to appreciate the moment we are in and the people around us. We let our interactions become too artificial which doesn’t satisfy our emotional needs. So remember to consciously take a time out from technology. Whether it is an hour a day, a day in a week or a weekend off. Remember to have conversations that don’t include phones, Facebook, Twitter or any of that 21st century la-di-da. 

Not every moment needs to be captured on camera. This past year the likes of Instagram and Snapchat have caused much frenzy but I have come to realise that getting your phone out and taking a picture in every breathtaking moment, ruins that moment. Yes some things are good to be kept on record and captured. But how about trying to appreciate the moment with your own eyes and locking beautiful moments away in your own memories. I think I will be doing that more this year. There is no need for Instagram pictures of food and coffee, thank you very much – that is so 2014.

Inside Out

Often we are so concerned with decluttering and bettering everything on the outside we forget about looking at ourselves from within.

I believe greatly that a healthy and sound heart will bring peace in one’s life. Though this is a topic I could talk to much lengths about, however in this post I will only briefly explain. Understanding your heart and removing ills, emotions and feelings that can harm your day-to-day actions will bring a healthier lifestyle.

The root of all our decisions is in our hearts. Bad decisions haunt us and it becomes difficult to carry them around. Like excess baggage. Decluttering your life of bad decisions requires practise. Though we cannot change the past or our past decisions, practising a healthier heart, practising good feelings and happiness and actively acknowledging and letting go of negative emotions will bring peace and order in one’s life.

Try, Try Again

Trying to fix things about your life and about yourself isn’t easy. Letting go of things isn’t simple. It is easier said than done. If decluttering isn’t going well or you lose sight of your resolutions don’t beat yourself up. Small steps in the direction to make the life and decisions you want is still progress in the right direction. Be kind to yourself change does not come overnight.