The election, voting and the Labour party

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I feel like I’ve run a mini-election myself in my own house and community. Signing up people who are reluctant to vote and then convincing them to vote. Listening to people’s concerns about things and then doing the research or presenting a sound counter argument for why they should vote for Labour or even just vote or just go and ruin their damn ballot. I believe voting is an incredibly important part of living in a democracy. Having your voice heard. This wasn’t always a right. We didn’t always have the right to vote and I think it’s important to remind people of that, it’s important to let people know that what we take for granted now people have died for.

I’m voting Labour. They are for the people, pro-education, pro-NHS, pro-helping the working class and I’m pro all those things too. I’m tired of seeing Theresa May torture those in society who can’t fight for themselves or who need to be helped by the state. I’m tired of the rich getting richer and the poor being told you need to pay more in tax.

This election is going to mean so much to so many. The results from this election are going to shape our future as a country forever especially with the winning party having to deal with brexit negotiations. I’m praying the people of the UK care about all the things I care about and I’m praying they exercise their right to vote too.

Make sure you vote on Thursday and then make sure you ring all your family and friends and neighbours and ask them if they’ve voted. If anyone needs a lift just give them a lift to the polling station. Do your part, it could be the difference between a win or lose for Labour.