Escape from Birmingham & homecoming

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Birmingham. All my life I wanted to be far away from Birmingham. To run away from it. I spent the majority of my university life telling my friends how much I wanted to move to London not being able to explain why because again, as with many things in my life this was nuanced.

For me, moving to London was going to be my break free moment. You know the moment when someone moves out and goes to university well for me that moment came a year and a bit after I went to university and graduated.

It was a surreal moment and then I spent some time in London, with my perfect job and now almost 8 months later I’m moving back to Birmingham and I know I haven’t failed anything but I also feel like when I left Birmingham I knew what I wanted to do and now I’ve come back to city I wanted to run away from and I feel secure and happy that I’m here and I feel sad I spent so many years wanting to run away and not seeing how much comfort it gave me.

I’ve come back to Birmingham to find my best self. To think and explore what the future holds for me and now that I’ve started to appreciate this city for what it is it’s giving back to me. It’s helping me day by day. I’m doing things in my city because even without anyone saying it this city has been holding me secure for a long time and I know it will continue to do so for as long as I ask it to. I am proud to be from Birmingham. And that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say!