Feminism: The Catch Up

FeminismLet’s just address the elephant on the blog… as of late there has certainly been a flood of posts directly about Feminism. Something I’m quite passionate about. If the word scares you I can’t comprehend why so, women asking for equality shouldn’t scare anyone.

These posts will continue. My first ever post on my blog about women, not so much Feminism even though it is linked was The Burka: Who’s Really Oppressing Women, closely followed by a very-short random creative story which was called Gender Politics.

I’ve offered my two-cents on Emma Watsons UN speech at the launch of #HeForShe: Gender Equality Is Your Issue Too, followed by Can A guy Be A Feminist – the answer is yes if you were wondering and also A Conspiracy: Shailene Woodley & The ‘F’ Word.

Recently I’ve been keeping an eye on the current events and expressions that have corrupted the idea of Feminism, these include: Feminism Trend No. 187788: F-Bomb Princesses, David Cameron Refuses To Wear Pro-Feminist T-shirt, Protesting Keira Knightley Style: In The Nude.

Recently as I’ve had guest bloggers on the blog, my fellow blogger Dan (@Adjectiveless) has started a series to look at Feminism & The Multifaceted Beyonce, part two will be up very soon!

So that is what has been covered so far of the Feminist landscape. Hopefully more posts soon, let us know if there is a specific angle you would like us to pursue! Thank you ever so kindly for reading!