Goals & Wishes: Hello February!

60It is February. The month of my glorious birth and many others. How has an entire month gone by already. I do not know. I wanted to write up a review of my post at the beginning of the year 2015 Resolutions: A New Beginning, because too often we set ourselves major goals at the beginning of the New Year and not follow through.

We don’t follow through because we do not review what we have achieved in digestible chunks. This past month has been a wave of emotions, the job hunt is still alive and kick as am I. Though I am not hopeless in my pursuit to find myself a graduate job, I have struggled this month and fallen from the determined-need-to-get-my-shit-together-bandwagon. I am ecstatic that it is a new month, however I am slightly frightened by how quickly January has passed. Hopefully this coming month I will achieve more, with luck find some form of graduate employment and be a happier version of myself!

I would like to give credit where its due so this goal setting and reviewing idea has been inspired by Jessica Says who published her February goals and wishes today. After seeing her post I knew that achieving what I wanted would mean a focused mind and this was the perfect way. Thank you Jessica!

January Blues

This past month has been difficult for me, even if it has also been full of experience. I have still struggled. I went through an application process for a job I eventually got rejected from. I don’t feel I am being complacent when I say I felt I represented myself well in the process but I want to learn from this experience. It isn’t the rejection that unnerves me. It is the raising my hopes and then crashing them back down again that is slightly difficult to digest. The oh-I-might-get-a-job and then you don’t and you are back to square one. Even after you research the company and prepare for the interview the outcome just didn’t outway the work I put it. With this amongst other things, I have been lacking and been behind on goals I set at the beginning of the year which you can find here.

That being said other matters in my life have been insanely demanding and I am glad I have stayed sane and not put my head in a hole or run away screaming and shouting. I have faced difficult situations head on. So I shall go easy on myself. Lets take a look at the things I did well this month and some things I didn’t do well this month.

BAZINGA! Goals I’ve achieved…

  • I finally got this blog helloiammariam.com to be self-hosted.
  • I am in my reading groove – having finished 4 books this month!
  • I have been trying to practise mindfulness.
  • I have kept a gratitude journal – though not consistently – I have kept one!
  • I got really close to getting a job and got to the final stage – showing that I got what it takes!
  • I have been educating myself on being a better person, practising mindfulness and gratitude – listening to my mind and body.

Where I could Improve…

  • I have not been very active or healthy – sleeping at 5am in the morning is all kinds of nasty to your body.
  • Though I have been doing things – I haven’t created a structured day-plan for myself where I can schedule to do things.
  • I haven’t been consistent in blogging – but this month I will change this!
  • I haven’t taken up my driving lessons again.
  • I haven’t been consistent in practising gratitude and mindfulness.

When you put it side-by-side it actually looks like I have done something. Though I don’t feel this is enough for a months worth is another matter. I’m glad I have had a reflective look back at what I have done and what I haven’t it has given my perspective and clarity. I can now move forward with a sharper focus on what I want to get done and fix or edit methods that have not worked for me. This thought and revelation in itself makes me feel calmer and fills me with excitement and hope.

Having looked at January, why not move our minds forwards and look at what I want to achieve in February!

Looking Forward: Fantastic, Fun & Fabulous February

With my birthday just passed, I feel this month holds the potential to be the best. I know what I want this month, there are no new goals, just new methods to achieve goals and wishes to their best potential.

Goals to achieve in February…

  • Practise gratitude and mindfulness regularly and religiously! Don’t overwhelm myself into a state of hibernation e.g. don’t stress yourself out for anything.
  • Treat my mind and body better, sleep before midnight, drink water and go on walks regularly.
  • Be consistent with my blog, try to take my own pictures for posts.
  • Create a daily schedule of what needs to be done in how much time – but don’t cram things.
  • Apply for graduate jobs regularly but don’t focus on rejection but making the best of every opportunity and looking back reflectively to better myself.

Now it is your turn. Make sure to visit Jessica’s Goals +Wishes post here but also don’t forget to map out your own goals and wishes online on on paper. Write what your heart desires then tell me how you could possibly be un-excited for the rest of the month!

Photo: (c) via Stocksy.com