Happy New Year. Hello 2014. Resolutions.


I am well aware that it is currently the 9th January 2014 (even if I did write down it was the 10th on my exam paper this morning) …I’m escalating. But HELLO. I am back, not that I was gone but I am more here than wherever I was before. Did anyone ever mention final year of University feels like a prolonged labour? …okay maybe not that bad but still.


Where the hell did 2013 go? I don’t even remember anything happening in 2013, the last thing I remember (slight exaggeration) is the Olympics which I am aware was in 2012 (so keep your smarty pants comments in your pants thankyouverymuchkindly) or in the comments section below! …shameless plug, sorry its the blogger in me.

I dislike resolutions, maybe because I’m ever the optimist whilst thinking of them and then I never stick to them! I commit to them with false intentions or cheat: e.g. decide that eating for a small village in Pakistan during exam times is permissible ’cause I’m stressed so the ‘to be healthier’ resolution crumbles (see what I did there?!).

However I have decided to be somewhat of a realist this year. 2014. A mature adult about these resolutions. It’s my year 2014. 2+0+1+4=7. 7 is my favourite number so OBVS it’s going to be my year (I can hear you judging me – don’t be jel you ain’t fabulous *rolls eyes*).

The Resolutions:

1. Read more Young Adult Fiction novels.

2. Write, blog and sleep at regular times or regularly.

3. Develop myself further. This year is going to be a selfish year, MEMEME (inthehumblestmanner).

4. Volunteer more. I just miss helping others.

So there you have it! Has anybody else decided what their goals will be? I haven’t really been adventurous with my resolutions but I’ve left them open to interpretation! Lets hope this year of 2014 2+0+1+4=7 really does bring me much of what I want. I’ll certainly give the lemon a good squeeze (my brain just thought that by itself – I don’t even know *shakes head*).

Let me know what your weird, wonderful resolutions are for 2014? Or if you aren’t going to bother at all (lazy git haha).



  • Sam

    I’m not a big resolution fan either. I like to set goals throughout the year rather than a lot at the beginning. It seems less intimidating that way.