Screams left her mouth, each an octave higher. Unaware that I stopped, my knees buckled and I fell to the ground. A door scraped the stone floor; her screams persecuted me. Vibrations shook the walls, electricity shot through my spine and awakened me, if under some pretense had I thought this hallucination. Hearing the lashes from the belt whip against her, my skin prickled and blistered with pain. Grunts and sighs echoing around me.

I heard struggled whimpers; I fled from the pitied creature. Fear suffocated and purged me of courage.

My heart rattled against my trapped chest, I tasted the warmness of the substance that trickled from my lip. Darkness surrounded me; I lay curled on the ground numbed, pounded footsteps rushed towards me loudly. I could hear a man speaking to someone, slightly out of breath.

“Male, looks 25, bruised badly, barely breathing, very wheezy send paramedics don’t know how many, yeah…a women downstairs.”

The unconscious takes me away, eyes drooped, speckled dots whirled around on the back of my eyelids.


My soul hollows, I can hear her voice.


Teeth chattering coldness encompassing me, frozen grass crunches beneath my boots. Recollecting those moments tormentedly, until my being revolts with guilt for existence. Day brings no light, night no peace.

I lay flowers on her grave the headstone reads; In memory of Anne: Wife. I lay by her grave, in the hole I dug. Snow falls thickly blanketing my body. Death procrastinates, I cannot.