Holiday Lovin’

photo 1

After 8 years I went to visit Pakistan – although I’m born and raised here – my Mother wasn’t and it is nice to go back and see our family and where she grew up. This trip was definitely overdue but it certainly didn’t disappoint. Not to make excuses but there aren’t a huge variety of pictures because I didn’t want to take pictures or make this holiday about taking the perfect picture. As a perfectionist sometimes I get stuck behind the lens and not appreciate what is infront of me. I also just wanted time away from my phone and I did get little doses of the internet here and there accessing my emails via my cousins phone, but for the most part I spent nearly a month without internet. Shock, horror, I know right? It is possible. Step away from the phone.

I have quite a few videos that I recorded whilst we just travelled around and If I get an opportunity I might put them together as a video collage but I don’t think that will be in the near future so for now I have a couple of pictures for you to look at. I went to Peshawar in Pakistan and that is about as close of a postal address I’m giving out on the internet. These are my only personal snaps there is no editing or anything on them because 1. I am lazy 2. I think they look beautiful without. Finally because these are my own personal snaps they aren’t very varied they are mostly from around the village/city and from expeditions we went on!


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photo 2

photo 2 (1)

photo 2 (2)

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Hope you enjoyed these!