I’m not loving this Twilight…

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, my opinion of the Twilight series isn’t very high.  The writing style I must admit very flatly that my 13 year old sister could do a better job of. The plot is anything but original and frankly it’s awful. I say this with no remorse, and only the deepest manners bestowed within me keep me from using much meatier words than ‘awful’ to describe this series.

With the exception of everything else in this book lacking imagination even the plot line can be excused, but won’t be excused is the creation of Meyer’s female protagonist Bella Swan. Oh Bella Swan… aren’t thou a complete and utter fool. Very kindly I suggest to those reading this that, if a man is attracted to your blood and risks sucking you to death every time he comes near you – RUN. The idiotic portrayal of how feeble a women becomes under love in a matter of days just astounds me. They don’t even have a decent conversation!

I’ve got nothing against love at first sight. But the lack of plot line   to the lovers falling for each other and then running away from a group of vampires is just …well stupid. Even that I can accept but over the length of the series the word feminism perishes even further into the abyss as Bella Swan becomes broken when her lover Edward Cullen leaves her. She screams in her sleep, clutching herself like a possessed being shouting out for her lover who obviously can’t hear her – even with his super strength hearing!

What. A. Shame. NOT.

Honestly, all I think of when I see Twilight is unoriginal money making franchise. Which is a shame because Meyer has crafted some clever works before this wretched series was introduced to the world and became the replacement for the weak muggles who couldn’t bear the ending of Harry Potter.

…Oh J.K.Rowling why didn’t thou write forever? Why starve our souls of the clever crafted world you introduced us into? Why let us read trash such as Twilight a franchise worth millions but very undeserving of it.

You know what Stephaine Meyer should do? She should open a charity and offer counselling to all those who had to sit and endure through her incredibly hyped books which aren’t even worthy of being in books stores let alone compared to Harry Potter.

For all of you thinking well why did you buy these books. I didn’t. As if i’d own something as vile as those books! I borrowed my sisters copies, they still shouldn’t be on her shelf maybe we could recycle them? Do some good to the world, instead of polluting our minds with unoriginality.

Let me know what you think, if you read them, if you didn’t and saved yourself from hyped trash… I mean series. I would do a review on the movies but it would honestly be the same as that of the books, and i’ve only ever watched the first movie, that’s 2 hours of my life I won’t get back.

Au revoir!

  • oh man! I have actually laughed reading this post! I watched the movies and I could barely understand what the hype was about. I hate bella, her expression in the movie looks as if she’s been constipated for days or that edward/werewolf smell really bad.
    When I mentioned about my despise for the movie, my friend suggested I read the book. I read few pages in a local bookstore before deciding never to look at that bookshelf ever again.
    Dear J.K Rowling
    Please write more.

    • I did see her other movies, well just if truth be told. Welcome to the rileys and when I told my friend I could still see the constipated look on her face, she just concluded I hate kristen. The fact is I don’t hate her but I just don’t think she deserves to be in any movie role except that of a dead body or a patient in coma. 🙂

  • a person after my own heart 😀

  • Unfortunately, I’m forcing myself to read each Twilight book and review then chapter by chapter, (I made it through Twilight and New Moon, I’m right in the middle of Eclipse, currently.) and I must say, you must have exceptional manners if “awful” is the worst word you use to describe Twilight. 🙂

    • I have read Hunger Games, it was quite good … then again, most everything is good compared to Twilight…

  • I cried when JK Rowling stopped writing. It was like, no this can’t be the last book. I kinda expected either a continuation from the kids’ point of view or something. I was fortunate enough to discover HP fanfiction though which saved me 🙂

    … but then there was Twilight fanfiction *yanks hair out in frustration*