The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: May The Odds Be In Your Favour


Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsSince this is the first year of my life growing up that there will be no Harry Potter movie or book released I thought it was all over for me. After J.K.Rowlings wonderful, cleverly constructed world of Wizards & Witches, on flying broomsticks, wands and spells – I thought it was all over. Thinking no other book would quite spark the same excitement and childlike sense in me. No other author would strike my imagination and my thoughts would never be as captivated as I was long ago – reading about Harry, Ron & Hermoine fighting another terrible battle, turning pages in such haste being scared I would tear them.

But… well I guess the odds were in my favour! I underestimated the author of the Hunger Games series – Suzanne Collins has crafted a beautiful, epically thrilling series, which even when I try I cannot find fault or flaw in.

I was very weary of these books and even more weary when I went to see the movie as it didn’t quite capture what I feel now the books have to offer. With all the hype reviews of these books being so fantastic and original I ignored them for a while. But at last! Exams are over and reading for pleasure has become part of my life again! I decided to finally turn the pages of the books I had so long ignored in my loyalty of staying a true Potterhead!

Having now read 2 out of the 3 books in the Hunger Games series, I lay down all the wands, wipe away all the spells and pack away the robes placing them carefully in a suitcase up in the attic and salute Collins on her cleverly crafted work. What makes me truly admire Collin’s books, is her realistic portrayal of the female character and protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. Finally a women who can fight her own damn battles, but realises – stubbornly so that she is a women and may need a cry here and there. I really admire the way she has crafted her characters creating their personalities. Not making Katniss a complete idiot like Bella Swan swooning over a guy who wants to suck all the blood out of her… I have issues with Twilight but I guess that can wait until another post! Anyway the books are very well written for it’s targeted age audience and are also very suitable for those beyond their teenage years!

I will be finishing the last book in the series very soon and then will do a more in depth review of the books and how I thought the series was over all. But until then… maybe you should pick up a copy and check it out yourself and let me know how you like or dislike the series!

Farewell for now my good fellows… And may the odds forever be in your favour!

  • Can’t wait to read the review, after watching the film I have been desperate to read the books but (just like you I’m sure) have a LONG reading list for uni! English students eh.. As soon as I can though, I’ll be reading them too, heard so many good things about the novels!

  • Same here.. i thought nothing could be as good as HP until i read HG. Though HP would still be my 1st choice.