Minimalise Your Life: Stress Less

Minimalise your lifeWe all get a little carried away with how to conduct our lives. We always want to do everything, get our times worth out of every opportunity and we all have priorities.

However if we just stand still for a single moment that crushing weight you can feel is caused by the unnecessary pressure we submit ourselves to. Each year we decide to create huge goal to conquer and unfortunately we still fail. Trying to conquer big goals is difficult so breaking them down into daily commitments is key to succeeding.

Turn Off Notification

Have you ever sat at your desk working away and then your phone pings: it’s either an email, a Facebook notification, Tweet, Pinterest pin, SMS or god forbid a gaming app which you haven’t used in a while reminding you of just that! Technology is cause for stress and can be a huge disturbance when trying to be productive. So turn it off. Keep your phone on silent if you don’t want to turn your notifications off. I can guarantee that you will have a more productive, less stressful day.

All Fun, No Play

Having said how bad technology can be. Don’t forget that trying to be productive 24/7 is not good for you either. Forcing productivity often fails. Let yourself have a break, set aside time to watch your favorite show, read a new book or go out and enjoy the weather. Find that balance in your working day between working and when you need a break, make a schedule and stick to it.

Physical Surroundings

If my room is messy, I can’t work. A stress free outside, will help create a stress free inside. A clean and clutter free environment outside will help you work productively.

Create Lists

Having a list is my best friend. Each night I like to sit and make a list. This does two things: 1. I can sleep peacefully without ideas or daily tasks floating around in my head, 2. I am organised for when the morning comes and I don’t have to try to remember what needs to be done I can just kick-start it all!

I feel like without this list making I would stress much more than I already can do.

Don’t Multi-Task

We all think we are superhuman. We can do 3-5 task at once. Possibly even more. However how efficient or accurately are you completing those tasks when you take a step back.  Try completing one task at a time. You will probably get it done faster, there will be fewer if no mistakes and you will most likely enjoy and learn from what you are doing more so than if you were multi-tasking.

  • Very helpful post. Thanks for writing this. 🙂