TV Shows And Movies I’ve Been Watching

Although I don’t have a Netflix account my sister-in-law does. Commence procrastination. Sitting in front of the beautiful TV watching Movies and TV Shows until my hearts content. Netflix side effect number 2: lack of sleep. I would also like to insert a disclaimer into this post, I don’t religiously watch all of these shows usually I just flick them on in the background as I’m doing some work, applying for jobs, typing up a blog post etc. I’ve watched these shows over a 2 month-ish (probably more) period.

TV Shows

House of Cards – Probably the most un-me show to watch, this is a recommendation from my friend Arjun who I did a graduate profile on, you can read that here. Kevin Spacey plays the very convincing role of a sly and ruthless American congressman, Frank Underwood. Throwing his weight around in the White House halls all in the name of being powerful. I mean I knew Politics was like a dirty chess game but I didn’t realise it was this sick. Though I am still unsure if I like this show I don’t hate it anymore but I doubt I will make it to the end of this season.

Continuum – Back to the good old sci-fi TV show. Following a detective who is accidentally transported back from the year 2077 to 2012 along with convicted terrorist group Liber8. Liber8 are intent on preventing the corporations who by 2077 runs the world. A very heavily monitored society. Kiera Cameron is faced with the conflicting decision to stop these terrorists from changing the past. During her time in Vancouver, Kiera joins the police department and befriends Detective Carlos Fonnegra.

I really enjoyed this show, it wasn’t hard to gets slightly repetitive with the crime spree in the first few episodes but eventually it returns to a natural flow. All the crimes naturally fit into each other and lay a foundation for future scenes. A show that sort-of sympathises with terrorists is quite out-there. Though they are fighting for the civil freedoms from corporations who are getting away with cheating the people time and time again. Though the violence is condemned and I condemn it – even I’m confused why Liber8 are the bad guys. They are fighting for transparency. For society to recognise that corporations are floundering our money, making our lives harder and making theirs easier. Liber8 want to hold them responsible. These are questions that should be asked in our current 21st century. We are all slaves to technology and being spied on. Now I sound like a lunatic conspiracist. Anyway I am really annoyed Netflix isn’t up-to-date with season 3!

Merlin – The Legend of King Arthur the fate of Arthur rests on the shoulders of Merlin a magical warlock. It sounds airy-fairy and it has been a while since this show has been off air but I’ve only just around to watching the ending and I love this show. I have watched all 5 season twice over now. I practically know the words as they leave the actors lips. Merlin comes to Camelot and ends up as Prince Arthur’s personal-servant and eventually his most trusted friend. I wish the final season had not been so rushed but it was a beautiful ending still. A family show about friendship and adversity and magic and dragons and princesses. Fits the bill for everyone I think.

In my Top 10 what we’ve been watching post late last year I mentioned Gotham, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Flash & Hawaii Five-o – which I am trying to keep up with! White Collar has finished with a final season which I have not watched but I don’t think I can bear the thought of saying goodbye to such an amazing show!


I much prefer TV shows to movies, they are about 50 minutes long and then I am free. Movies take more commitment to watch, especially if you don’t enjoy them! Any Marvel movie I tend to get through just breezy thank-you-very-much.

The Soloist – I won’t lie I watched this movie ’cause Robert Downey Jr was in it and Netflix recommended it to me. A homeless guy who has a mental illness long ago left Juilliard (music school) and a Steve Lopez (RDJ) wants to write about him. The story was touching but I don’t know why I didn’t really get into this movie. It just seemed really forced.

I Am Number Four – This book has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for a long while. So I thought why not watch the movie? It was very bad. The characters aren’t really breaking ground, they are written and shown in a stereotypical high school hierachy. All the characters don’t have a depth – I wouldn’t blame the actors I would blame the script I guess. Even the villains The Mogadorians are too stock – they are just trying to kill alien teenagers in a chronological order. But that is all they try to do. They just try to kill. There is no depth. The joker is not just a villain, he is more. I hope the book isn’t as disappointing.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – If you would so kindly refer to my tweet after I watched this movie. You will now understand my amazement. I don’t understand why I waited so long to watch this Captain America. With everything coming apart and Fury dying, politics playing its dirty hand as always and SHIELD falling every moment of this movie kept me on the edge of my seat and holding my breathe. At one point my sister convinced my Captain America would die in the end – I nearly hyperventilated. There is a lot to take in, so much is revealed but any Marvel diehard could only revel in it. I need to rewatch this.

I can’t wait to see what Marvel has in store for us this year. Even if me and my friends have discussed possibilities I am very excited. What have you been watching? Is there anything I am missing out on? Let me know!