Miranda Hart, Is It Just me?


My Dear Reader Chums …for those of you who don’t like Miranda Hart and think you are too cool for her unique self I’m afraid this post might not be something you will enjoy with its Mirandationary (the Miranda Dictionary – keep up ey?) inspired lingo and random phrases from the legend herself like PLUNGE …nice word that… PL-UN-GE… 

Even within my own home Miranda isn’t appreciated but everyone, my brother thinks she’s a complete idiot (that’s putting what he said nicely) but I BEG TO DIFFER My Dear Reader Chum! Let’s shorten that down to MDRC – My Dear Reader Chum – hope that’s okay!

Miranda has become a huge part of my life, since reading her book Miranda Hart: Is It Just Me… I have decided that a) someone is finally admitting to the normal daily embarrassments that happen to us normal people b) none of us will ever have as many Miranda moments as the legend herself (forgive me Miranda, queen of chums and bums) but somehow that makes me feel relieved, ecstatic, ELATED.

Throughout the course of her she talks of different things that have influenced her and things that will influence us all too. Her chapter on Music about sums up my entire music self (I think I have good music taste, yet know that its painfully uncool and always get anxiety when someone asks me who my favourite band is). Throughout the book we also have the privilege to hear from a younger Miranda who is yet to suffer …over come… the grandiosity of what is to be her life (and what a wonderful life it is).

The book is pure genius, its real, Miranda is one of those people who doesn’t try to be awkward or funny she just is. She is funny and she is very much awkward but she’s learnt to deal with it …sort of. The entire book can be considered an unofficial guide to life about all those weird things such as: when someone asks you what your hobbies are (reading, sleeping and eating don’t count) or when you go to a job interview and your skirt falls down and you end up being escorted out of the building by security (this actually happened to Miranda  – I laughed, forgive me!) or when you decide to boogie on the dance floor in a Marque and the whole thing collapses because your THAT tall.

I could go on and on about how amazing the book is but I won’t because I don’t want to spoil the fun! So My Dear Reader Chums, if you want a laugh (a kind laugh) at the expense of Miranda and also want to answer Miranda’s questions of ‘Is It Just me?’ …then maybe this is a good read for you.

Such fun!