Wounded Stereotypes

Working hard to be best,

Donkey, overworked, no rest,

No bruises, blood or lies

No screaming, hurting cries.

How did you manage?

Weight of the world, carried it yourself,

You still do, nobody believes us,

But it’s true.

Homeless, no food, abandoned,

Fuck society, why should we care?

Too young when it happened,

It wasn’t even fair.

Still branded, insecure,

No man, you survived,

You wounded stereotypes

We’ve only just arrived.

*My poem got published on the Coventry Words Online!

I’m not loving this Twilight…

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, my opinion of the Twilight series isn’t very high.  The writing style I must admit very flatly that my 13 year old sister could do a better job of. The plot is anything but original and frankly it’s awful. I say this with no remorse, and only the deepest manners bestowed within me keep me from using much meatier words than ‘awful’ to describe this series.

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