Scandal: sexism in code

We need more TV scenes like this.

In the TV show Scandal an ABC show Lisa Kudrow (Congresswomen running for POTUS) who we all know and love as Phoebe from Friends where her character is the ‘slightly tapped in the head’ one plays quite the opposite role. Her monologue on sexism is probably the best I’ve heard on TV. It’s the type of speech you make when finally you’ve had enough of the shit chit-chat. When you are done with nice sipping tea talk.

Its point-blank, sexism is very much a theme of modern day life dressed up or not.

Many will profusely deny it exists still, or say its better for women now than it was before – better? It shouldn’t be better it should be equal. PEH-lease don’t twist this into some crap about men and women and their biological differences. THIS is about prejudices against women, even now – in the 21st Century – women are marginalised, because they are women. Nowadays women in power are looked at like a spectacle, men make themselves feel better because they let women be apart of their society. Its worse nowadays because it’s in code, the average mind is easily hoodwinked into thinking equality between genders exists but that is a very specific opinion. An opinion I might add, I am not in favor of.

Just watch the video and then re-watch, you might learn something.

Congresswomen Lisa Kudrow’s monologue:

“I know what prejudice looks like, it’s not about experience, James (the interviewer). It’s about gender. Reston’s saying I don’t have the balls to be President, and he means that literally. It’s offensive. It’s offensive to me, and to all the women whose votes he’s asking for.”

“Are you saying that Governor Reston is sexist?” (James interviewer asks)

“Yes. I am. And it’s not just Governor Reston speaking in code about gender. It’s everyone, yourself included. The only reason we’re doing this interview in my house is because you requested it. This was your idea. And yet here you are, thanking me for inviting me into my “lovely home.” That’s what you say to the neighbor lady who baked you chocolate chip cookies. This pitcher of iced tea isn’t even mine. It’s what your producers set here. Why? Same reason you called me a “real live Cinderella story” it reminds people that I’m a woman without using the word.

For you it’s an angle, and I get that, and I’m sure you think it’s innocuous, but guess what? It’s not. Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking. You’re promoting stereotypes, James. You’re advancing this idea that women are weaker than men. You’re playing right into the hands of Reston and into the hands of every other imbecile who thinks a woman isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief.”

Hell whoever wrote this scene deserves an Oscar for pointing out the damn obvious to the patriarchal blind folded fuckers who think they own the world – even if it’s a man.

  • Whoa, she really gave it to him, didn’t she? Great monologue 🙂

  • I loved that clip! Sometimes you just have to say it, point blank, but then still some people don’t get it. Ah well, there’s hope for the future if more people speak like this! 🙂