Ta-da: Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen


I love getting my eyebrows tidied up, it makes my face feel clean (weird I know) but through my experience of threading my eyebrows have had some issues. The hair on my eyebrows is really light so they don’t really show up very well. I’m not a huge make up fan, so the prospect of using an eyebrow pencil was terrifying for me. Knowing me I’d end up with a monobrow somehow.

Now the days of my first world suffering are over, I have recently discovered the Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen – Thanks to Lisa Eldridge who used it here. I don’t know how I lived without this product. Without leaving harsh lines or any gooey substance, the eyebrow pencil enhances the colour of your brows. Despite the hefty retail price this is so simple and easy to use, it doesn’t look unnatural, its waterproof and can effectively build to a fierce eyebrow colour but it looks effortless and chick all the same.


The packaging for this product is in the style of a very thin pen. The brush is very soft, the bristle brush feels soft and light – unlike a felt tip  pen.


It’s very long-lasting. I use it once in the morning to fill my eyebrows and its there as I wash it off in the evening. Even though this product only comes in two shades: 01 Green, 02 Brown it can be used by those with blonde to dark black hair. The more strokes your use, the more defined the shape will become.

Retail price:

£20 – it’s on the more expensive side of life but I think its worth it!

Who is Suqqu?

Suqqu is a fairly new brand to new brand to me. It is a Japanese brand that believes in “enhancing the natural journey of a women’s complexion.” After I watched a video (linked above) that Lisa Eldridge did, where she shows how she used this product on Cheryl Cole I knew I wanted to definitely check it out!

Other comments:

Unfortunately I am ill today, so digging out my camera and showing you comparison shots of what my eyebrows look like with and without this product on isn’t something I can do. So, for the purpose of aiding your imagination I am going to link below a couple of other reviews where you can see pictures!

Click here and here for reviews about this product from other bloggers!

  • I watched that Lisa Eldridge Video too and so want to try this. Its just that i have very fair eyebrows and am so scared this will be too dark. I have made that mistake in the past. I use Dirty Blonde by MAC at the moment and that is a great shade. Is it dark brown?

    • Hi! Thank you for reading and commenting! No its a really pale liquid that you can build up on! I bought in from Selfridges and the lady at the counter let me test it before I purchased it. So maybe you could try it in store then walk around with it and see if you like the coverage? Is the Dirty Blonde by MAC a liquid eyebrow liner too?

  • No its pencil form but i think they have a gel liner in it now. THe pencil was discontinued although they have kohl versions now.. Its so nice as well

    • I really wouldn’t be confident with a pencil – I’m not a pro at using make-up and this is really really easy to use, long lasting and doesn’t smudge off in the day. I might check out the MAC kohl liners but I don’t think I’d purchase them because I wouldn’t be confident to use it.