They were like hawks watching their prey, their wrath emitting towards me in waves. The glass reflecting my defeated self with my acceptance of what would come. My shaky palms moist as I brushed them against my jumper.

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Screams left her mouth, each an octave higher. Unaware that I stopped, my knees buckled and I fell to the ground. A door scraped the stone floor; her screams persecuted me. Vibrations shook the walls, electricity shot through my spine and awakened me, if under some pretense had I thought this hallucination. Hearing the lashes from the belt whip against her, my skin prickled and blistered with pain. Grunts and sighs echoing around me.

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Revenge on Narnia

“You can’t come Lucy!” screamed Rosie, slamming the wardrobe door behind her. Rage filled the ten year old as she reached for Dad’s hammer. CRACK! Adrenaline pulsed through her, shards of wood splintering everywhere.

She sat amongst the dismantled wardrobe, her siblings trapped in Narnia forever, grief suddenly taking over.