The Burqa: Who’s really oppressing women?

Many of us fall ignorant when it comes to the issues of the world especially if they don’t hold our personal interest. I am a Muslim girl who has worn a scarf since I can remember. I understand the principles behind it and willingly wear a scarf in my everyday life.

Since April 2011, when France introduced a law against covering your face in public many people have expressed their disgust and consent towards this act. This now means that daily activities carried out by women in this attire are illegal. Those politicians in favor of the ban reasoned that they were protecting “gender equality,” among many other excuses.

Although I am a muslim I don’t believe in having to wear a Burka that is unless, you want to. If a women willingly wants to wear a Burka I believe that she should have the right to. Many people consider the Burka as a form of oppression against women, but I believe that the French politicians who passed this law overlooked the human.

People who consider the Burka a sign of oppression  generally don’t consider that the culture in which they live and judge others by isn’t the same culture the individual in talk lives in. Whether it be France, Britain or Japan – a muslim women should have her own choice whether she wears the Burka or not.

When people from France, Britain or America go on holiday to Egypt, Morocco or Pakistan do they wear a scarf? Do they were shalwar kameez or dress according to those cultures? No – they wear shorts because it’s too hot, or because they want a tan. This is a generalisation I know, but I believe you understand the point I am making. Whether a women wears a Burka or not, it does not affect anyone else except her.

By passing such a law I believe the French Government is encouraging friction and building on the concept of ‘Islamophobia.’ This being a law now: Is it okay for people to be racist towards those women who still wear the Burka in France? Is it okay for people to stare and loudly abuse those who go about their daily lives, being taunted and threatened, not having done anything wrong.

The concept of this law is twisted. I’m not ignorant, I know that many terrorist attacks or suicide bombs have been linked to Burkas’ but there was bombs and suicides before Burka’s were the target and there will always be. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with some okay and some mentally psychotic people. Oppressing individuals to find a minority who abuse the sole purpose of the Burka is unfair. In a class if a child swears the whole class isn’t punished the individual is. That’s fair. That, makes sense.

Today it’s no Burka’s, tomorrow it will be no headscarves, then after that wear jeans and a top is the uniform for everyone in society. I don’t want to walk into a room and have to think “Oh I’m wearing a scarf will I not get this job?” or “Will they judge me,” that isn’t fair. As a society we should be moving forward, not backward. I respect everyone, whatever their religion or not, whether they are fat or skinny, disabled or not, don’t I deserve the same?

  • you make a lot of good points, i say each person as long as they are directly hurting others should wear whatever they want, of course what you wear does say something about you, but your right men should not be allowed to rape, i was wondering is man so weak (I thought they were the stronger gender?) that he needs woman to protect herself so as not to stir up wrong feelings in a weak man, then is he really the stronger gender? this victim blaming is becoming a serious problem in ameirca when you can sue others for your own actions when the other party had no control over you regardless of the crime or problem.

  • It’s very sad; when they call themselves a free society and then “dictate” even the meaning of freedom…:(

    • Habiba

      You are all very right!!!