Things to do when the wrath of Khan is taking over

The Wrath of KhanWhy hello there person-reading-my-blog. I was inspired to write this post by another blog post which I will link here. However I will give you a word of warning I’m feeling rather rage-y, cranky and most definitely like a ticking time bomb.

It’s not completely unexpected to have a sort of relapse in mood especially if you are in a transitional part of your life e.g. from undergraduate to adult in a job. A lot of things can cause frustration and somehow these things will funnel themselves into your angst when you are in a non-nonsense mood. I’m not normally a Hulkasorous I’m quite easy-going but everyone has their moments and I’m quite sure that’s okay. I’ve decided to create a list of things to do when you feel like The Wrath of Khan is settling into your bones and about to launch.

Pinterest & Tumblr
Depending on what type of wrath I’m feeling I like to mindlessly pin inspiration quotes, messages and beautiful pictures. Somehow pinning and sorting these pictures into pin-folders and seeing everything organised and neat, beautiful and glossy lightly tames the beast that wants to just stamp around and eat Terry’s chocolate orange all day.

Food…mostly desserts
I apologise if you are on a diet however when I’m crabby I love to just use that as an excuse for eating chocolate. All-the-chocolate can be eaten guilt free. It truly is a wonderful time.

No Internet
Although I mentioned Pinterest and Tumblr above, I will say that sometimes just closing the laptop screen and turning my phone over or leaving my technological devices in one room away from myself helps me draw perspective from the situation or feelings that feel so suffocating. Sometimes instead of relaxing me technology and how instant it can be can cause frustration e.g. I compare my blog to others, I look at someones profile and think why can’t I be as cool as them. So just step away from the iPhone, iPad, Macbook – you get the jist.

A Gratitude Journal
You know those bursting moments of happiness explained or otherwise in your life that you have from time to time and you never seem to be able to recollect when the stormy-grey-clouds start raining on you? Well Jessica from Jessica Says suggests keeping a gratitude journal for days exactly like this. Flicking through past days or feelings of being happier and grateful for tiny things that make you burst with happiness is a great way to make you switch gears on the angst train. She suggests trying really hard to focus on one thing you are extremely grateful for. There doesn’t need to be hundreds of things just that one small moment you are grateful for will make all the difference to the shitty mood you are in!

Make Lists
If you didn’t already guess it from my obsessive organisational pinterest boards then let me admit something. I like to be organised. I like my entire life to be organised. This way I can figure things out, make decisions before they appear out of nowhere. Making lists helps me stay organised. Creating little tick boxes in the lists I make and ticking them when I’ve completed something makes me feel satisfied and like I’ve spent my time doing something constructive. So when I’m in a don’t-like-the-human-race mood I like to make lists. Also making lists helps me de-clutter my mind. In Jessica’s blog post she suggests making a list of things that are making you angry and burning the list. Just imagining this is making me feel better. 

Do some writing
Write. Write a sentence, a poem, a paragraph, a short story, a flash fiction, a novel. Write whatever the hell you want. I feel like writing is my go-to when I’m like this. I can channel my feelings into my characters and what I’m creating. It doesn’t have to be the next best-selling novel you write. Just write something or draw something even, just so you can get the feelings out on the paper.

Running + Loud Music
I recently discovered that running on the treadmill whilst annoyed is great way to get yourself to complete a workout. Loud music banging. It’s strange you would think all the huffing and puffing would make you more annoyed but it does the opposite. It feels like you are just leaving behind whatever it is that is making you feel crap and getting past it. Then once the run is over, that is it. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have angry music playing, for me I like to listen to upbeat songs that will keep me working out but songs that I know so I can sing along. Even if its One Direction’s ‘What Makes You beautiful’ I’ll sing along. No judging. This is a judgement free-zone.

Surround yourself with happy people
If you must be around people then make sure you are around people who aren’t going to feed and harvest on your angst. Generally when I’m cranky no-one accept me knows it because its well before it boils over, it’s only brewing at that point. But being around friends or co-workers who will feast on your negativity is a bad move. Negative emotions spread like wild-fire. Try to surround yourself with upbeat, happy people and maybe hold off on talking about the way you feel until you feel yourself calm. Anger is better expressed when constructive. Don’t rant to your friends in the heat of the moment, you aren’t really in a clear state of mind.

Don’t Wallow
Don’t make this one crappy moment the be all and end all of your life or this day. If you know that you are going to have one bad day then let yourself. Have one crappy day where you are extra nice to yourself and you let yourself just feel crap but then tomorrow you will be back to being you. The normal you. Not the person who wallowed. I understand that emotions are important and to feel a range of them is important but it is my view that wallowing forever doesn’t help anyone. Yes you feel crap. Yes you are allowed to. But getting up on your feet, being pragmatic and thinking about a way of getting out of this mood is much better for you than letting the anger encompass and fill every task and moment you are apart of.

Anxiety or Anger?
When I feel un-organised or anxious I tend to get a bit on edge. I don’t know why and I don’t know if this happens to everyone but I need to be organised and on my A-game or I feel like I’m behind and I tend to make the feelings that started off as anxiety for being a little behind or unorganised into anger for not trying my hardest. I get angry with myself even though I know I always give my all, 110% every time I contribute to anything. So I guess the moral of the story is don’t beat yourself up. Relax, take a breathe. Have a long bath, turn on the Netflix, have a lovely pippin’ hot cuppa tea. This is not the end of the world. It is healthy to feel a range of emotions. Don’t be so hard on yourself. And breathe.

I feel a teeny-weeny bit better from writing this already, but I know there is a few lists I need to make before the horrible anxious/angry feeling in me goes away. I would love to know what your tips are to help tame The Wrath Of Khan when it starts bubbling up inside you.