TV Series Review: White Collar

White Collar: Matt Bomer (Neal Caffery) & Tim DeKay (Peter Burke).

White Collar: Matt Bomer (Neal Caffery) & Tim DeKay (Peter Burke).

I recently discovered USA Network’s show White Collar. Created by Jeff Eastin, lead roles played by Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay. The series is about a con artist and forger and thief Neal Caffery (Matt Bomer) whose karma finally catches up with him and he is captured by the FBI. He skips out on prison just before his sentence is over to find his girlfriend, after having his heart tragically broken Neal is captured by the agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) again and put in prison. But they make a deal. Neal gets to stay out of prison and helps the FBI with cases as he offers his skills. Throughout the series we see this partnership develop even if it is hesitant.

Don't even deny his beauty.

Neal Caffery – Don’t even deny his beauty.

Neal Caffery a charming, sexy, funny, handsome, clever guy who in reality wouldn’t work for the FBI because he’d get offered a modeling contract. He has a very keen interest in art and holds a great appreciation for it. He just prefers to have it, than look at it in Museums. He knows his wines, wears fine suits accompanied with great cuff-links, has hair that would make teenage girls jealous, and a beautifully symmetrical face. Doesn’t do too badly with the ladies either.

So after watching four seasons in five days – not obsessed, I’m dedicated – I have come to conclusion this is truly one of the most amazing series I’ve ever watched. The cast for this show is amazing, there is genuine bonds between them. The characters are well placed, the script is funny, they aren’t trying too hard and it’s a good play on Sherlock Holmes – except I can’t decide who is Sherlock Holmes, Neal or Peter? The partnership between FBI agent and a con artist is very interesting the character play well of each other. Individually or together they really have a connection to each other despite the obvious barriers in their professions. It’s a funny partnership they seem like an old married couple sometimes but on-screen its amazing to watch.

The plot for this show is very intriguing there is a multi-plan story going on, there is so many different angles. I wouldn’t say that the plot is predictable. Despite the bonds between characters, old habits die hard. There is more than just cases to solve when you are an ex-con artist with a very interesting past. Where this show is set, I believe is a huge contribution to its effectiveness. In the heart of a city that never stops, New York city. There is something intriguing about the art that the FBI is recovering from con artist after the next, except the play is that the best con artist is on their side, or so they think. To be honest, even I’m unsure how Neal Caffery will react.

If I had to give it a rating I’d give it a 5/5. I don’t watch TV series often, but when I do I make sure its good stuff. This has been an amazing series to watch and I am praying there will be a fifth season.