UN #HeForShe Campaign: Gender equality is your issue too


‘It is time we all perceived gender on a spectrum, instead of two set of opposing ideals…’

In a sentence the #HeForShe campaign is said to be a ‘a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other of humanity, for the entirety of humanity.’

As a #Feminist myself, I don’t believe Gender Equality is about man-bashing. It’s about finding and fighting for equality for both men and women. Allowing men and women the equal opportunity to progress in their careers and their lives. Gender equality isn’t just about women, men are often bound by the expectations of their gender and like Emma Watson suggests by undoing the male gender expectations women will benefit too. A lot of people fear the word Feminism and consider it to be anti-men and a complicated idea but it isn’t. For a society that has grown so much our perceptions of Gender Equality are poor. We should not fear Gender equality, we should embrace and encourage it because like the really clever Harry Potter girl said Gender equality will make both men and women more free, it will benefit us all.

Hearing Emma Watson, someone I have great respect for, voice  the same thoughts and perspectives as me was really encouraging. Emma clearly defined what being a Feminist is, ‘For the record, feminism by definition is: the belief that men and women should equal rights’ because many people have configured their own misconstrued definition of what it means to be a feminist. Some women won’t even identify themselves as a Feminist for fear of being ostracised by what those who don’t understand the term will think of them. However, ‘Feminism is not man hating’. When someone is a feminist they want Gender Equality and I believe many people have forgotten that this is the true essence of the word and idea that is #Feminism.

“Men, I would like to extend your formal invitation: Gender equality is your issue too…’

Her speech was quite geared towards men and inviting them into the #HeForShe movement so men across the world could stand on the platform as women and fight for equality on both sides, if you are a dude you can sign here to show your support. I believe Emma Watson is a great ambassador for this campaign, she is in a  very influential position and I think she is one of the few celebrities who actually understands and cares for more than movie ratings she has proved that with her commitment towards education. In Emma’s speech she talks about being called bossy at the age of 8 when she wanted to take charge of things, but the boys around her who wanted to take charge were never questioned. I believe we should treat peopleas a human first, not predefine their ability by gender. Emma has only recently been appointed an ambassador for the UN and this was her first speech and I think she hit it out of the park. If you watch the video you will see she was extremely nervous in but she still got the point across and because she’s Emma Watson and has a wide reach I believe this message will not only reach people but influence their views on Feminism and Gender equality. I’m looking forward to seeing this campaign grow, I’d really love to hear your opinions so let me know in the comments!