University Series: The Catch Up

I have done a few University Series posts over the past few months and I definitely don’t want any Freshers/Newbies, graduates or anyone interested in reading them to miss out! So here is a reminder! Also if there are any University/undergraduate/ graduate type topics you would like me to provide my two-cents on, let me know.

Not that you can’t tell I’m a nerd but here is a post about Things To Appreciate When You Are A Student!

For those graduates currently going insane filling in application forms and seeing nothing but reject I thought I would share my experience in Being A Graduate, The Struggle Is Reala checklist to keep you from going insane. Talking about going insane read my appreciation for Mr. Shakespeare and how Secondary School just doesn’t do him justice in Shakespeare Is Misunderstood. I’ve also done a Not Being A Student Anymore, Why You Should Go (to University that is!) and a post on Internships. Nearly done – I’ve also done a post on creating All The Right Impressions, the Importance Of Education, what to do after you Finish An Exam, why you should Say No To University (for those of you who don’t want to go to University), and how to Waste An Entire Day the student way!

I know I’ve still got many bases to cover on the University series. I love writing them and I hope you enjoy them very much! Thank you for reading!