The Importance Of Education

The Importance Of EducationI don’t mean to preach but I haven’t heard of anyone becoming dumber because they wanted to educate themselves. In the Western part of the world overlook the privileges we receive as necessities. Everyone gets an education from nursery until year 11, then in the UK even college is compulsory. But along your education experience you will have definitely experienced the ungrateful moan-y kid syndrome, whether it was you or a friend you really wanted to poke in the face. I do not condone violence I am a nice person. Please do not poke anyone. In Math class I was probably the friend who everyone wanted to poke since I hated the subject and constantly asked the need for me to actually learn Algebra. To this day I don’t understand. Needless to say I took an English degree but I’m good at counting monies, working out percentages and even the odd long math division problem so thanks Math, I guess I learnt something.

I mention this because many children and young people will want and education and they won’t receive one, they won’t be able to afford it, it’s not a possibility for them, there are no facilities provided for them. Whatever the reason I believe that everyone, including myself should understand that education isn’t readily available to every single child in the world. For me this poses a huge problem, a really big problem that needs to be fixed and acted upon as a matter of urgency.

Maybe I get too self involved in my own thoughts but I always think, what if the child who doesn’t receive an education is the one holding the cure for cancer in their mind or the next literary genius or the genius who will find life on Mars and then we can all go and live happily with the aliens. I digress. What if the cure for cancer is never discovered because the child is never given an education, so they can’t communicate with anyone. Education shouldn’t be for those who have rich parents or access to funds, it should be for everyone and that would ultimately benefit everyone because you won’t be yattering about students and their uselessness when they discover the cure to cancer.

Education enriches people, it stops one from making the same mistakes as those who started wars, killed people, basically it reminds us off the dumbness of humanity. However education also encourages and inspires individuals to look beyond their field and break the boundaries.

Saying ‘I don’t think it is fair I have been fortunate enough to have an education and someone in world hasn’t’ is the understatement of the year. Everyone should have the right to an education. It should be made compulsory by every government and provided in every country. Education should be below oxygen on the list of things we all should have access to.

So this wasn’t a hopeless plug for Pencils of Promise but they do fit into this snuggly so if you care about every child being educated then maybe check out their website. They do amazing work.