Travelling, Teaching & Going With The Flow

Travel & teach after universityThe Graduate Profiles. Yep. Following on from the University Series posts which went down a treat I decided to branch out, shining the torch on students who are now graduates. It is the New Year and there is a NEW category and feature coming your way.

I wanted to show you that even though the job-seeking environment is tough – which I talked about in The Graduate Struggle but there is another side. I wanted to give a voice to individuals who don’t necessarily find a platform elsewhere. Mostly, I want this category to show that there are professional/individual role models from diverse ethnic backgrounds who are incredibly successful at making life work for them. This is something I didn’t really have access to as a teenager.

Launching The Graduate Profiles,’ whether in a full time job, travelling, teaching or running a blog, I’ll be bringing you the successes and challenges of graduates months after they don the caps and gowns!

To roll out this series I went to a friend I’ve known since the start of my University days. Arjun P successful English BA Graduate, now traipsing across the world teaching and travelling. Through the power of technology I was able to ask Arjun about his journey and experience since leaving University and leaving the country.

“Going to University, I didn’t know what my career path was, but these days a bachelors degree is a minimum qualification for a decent job. At the moment I’m on a gap year but after I’m done with all my travelling and further studies I will start thinking about my future career more clearly. Where I am currently, is not where I see myself in five years time but I am learning and I my experiences are helping me grow. I’ve been teaching on and off since I was 14, so my job isn’t challenging to me anymore.

In my 5 year plan I see myself achieving the career I want at the end of it all – assuming all goes to planFor me the best way to approaching my future career has been to open myself to new opportunities, this has helped me recognise where I could be – and now I’m working backwards, working hard, taking my time and enjoying myself to reach where I want to because that is where my interests lie. I’ve always done things on a whim, knocking setbacks straight on the head by jumping back in – that is what has got me this far! I guess my advice to others would be to remember that plans change all the time, so don’t worry about things and just go with the flow.

Final Words Of Wisdom

After University life has been cool – A/N: what can I say Arjun is a man of few words – but my advice to future graduates and even future students would be to do all the things you’ve always wanted to learn or try in the past – sports, new language, travelling, projects – get involved now when you’re at university because there’s so many opportunities about. You sometimes have to dig through things that don’t appeal to you but there’s a lot more you can get involved in than you think… and it’ll look good when you apply for jobs.”