The Things: Blog Post Ideas

This post is being typed up fairly late at night, so I hope when you read it you are well and refreshed. I feel like the past couple of days have been, hectic, slow and draining all in one big mocktail! I was browsing through my Bloglovin and I came across a really cool post which I am semi replicating but the original post I read can be found here. I will be adopting some of the post ideas suggested by Lily but I will be sprinkling in a few of my ideas!

This past month it has been my personal challenge for myself to blog every other day! I have a long-term and short-term goal planned so I think even when I don’t feel like typing up a post/researching or just generally browsing the internet I find some inspiration somewhere. So without further ado…

1. Travel guide: place, food, culture etc.

2. Share a skill, learn a skill.

3.Tell us about an experience that made an impact on your life *deep reflection happenin’*

4. Favorite movies/YouTube videos/vlogs of the week/blog posts

5. How to posts: How to make bla bla

6. Summer playlist/Most played

7. Book reviews

8. Hauls’

9. Creative work: poems, stories, short stories.

It can be hard sometimes when you have so many ideas and you spend a few days thinking about writing up a blog post but as soon as pen touches paper (or rather finger touch keyboard) you realise you have nothin’ and that the idea you’ve been mulling over for a couple of days nobody is goingtowanttoreadabout! But I think on those days you just have to get back up and dust yourself off and think okay what can I do to be even better.  

I get a lot of inspiration from things like Bloglovin or on my way to work I get handed a Stylist magazine which will have a story in it that is really interesting and feel like I can shine a new light and offer a new persepctive on the subject at hand, Twitter and Tumblr are also big enablers for inspiration for me. I always carry around something I can store ideas in or a pen and paper so I can write if an idea strikes me in the middle of nowhere so later on I won’t forget! Do you have any cool blog post ideas?