When success looks different to what we imagine

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Success and achievement looks different to what we imagine. Sometimes the things we want to achieve seem so far away and in our minds eye they are murky and not quite hashed out and the path towards what we want isn’t always or even most of the time straight or simple. We have to wind down side roads and meet dead ends and have to re-evaluate our intentions and aims many times over before we reach where we want to be.

But what looks pretty and fulfilling from far away, what looks beautiful in our minds eye, what we are working towards and want to achieve may not always “be” what we wanted when we set out on our journey. You see if you get too stuck on achieving something something in a very particular manner, at a very particular point and place then you can’t grow or learn. You need to appreciate the not-quite achievements and the things you learnt along the way, not just the successful achievements that give you heartwarming feeling.

Sometimes it’s great to take a step back to stop seeing what you didn’t get and work out what you did get because we can learn from our not-quite achieved goals too.