The Good Advice: Words That Stayed

34Sometimes in life you just have moments and words that stay with you. This past year, more so early 2014 I tried to live by these words of wisdom: ‘This is a moment, it will pass’ and ‘It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.’

Do you ever stand in a moment and wish you weren’t there? Then make it worse by realising you are in this painful moment where you actually exist and everyone is watching you and you just feel embarrassed and self-conscious to the core? You over-think the moment so much, it is practically rolling over backwards in time to drag out the awfulness. The above quotes both apply here but ‘This is a moment it will pass’ gives me a lot of peace.

Knowing that any moment that is painfully awful, any bad times are all going to pass. They are only moments of my collective life and understanding that good and bad moments make up a lifetime and bad moments certainly don’t define a life is repeated to myself in the form of this mantra everyday. ‘This is a moment it will pass,’ I’m not wishing away time, just reminding myself that even when time seems stuck, the world is still spinning, things are still happening, this helps me understand and change my perspective of what is happening to me.

‘It’s only awkward if you make it awkward,’ is advice an old friend gave to me. Though not easy advice to digest, repeating this in difficult situations does ease the burden. Sometimes I can be rather awkward if I don’t know how to approach a situation or talk to a person. In that case I try to think about how we are all humans, equals. The first similarity. Being unnecessarily negative in a situation leads to awkwardness which makes everyone uncomfortable. Just relax, take it easy. No one is better than anyone else. We are all human, lets start from there.‘It’s only awkward if you make it awkward’ is something I like to repeat to myself in difficult or unusual situations and usually does the trick and makes things easier!

With the New Year here I’m feeling rather reflective-y! Which is a good thing. I thought sharing the advice that helped me keep positive and on-top of situations during 2014 could be useful. Also remembering positive ways to make situations easier and handle them more confidently is a great way to move into 2015. Don’t you think?